Chapter 1 Lisa Speaks Her Truth


Chapter 2 The Hotness of Life


Chapter 3 Some Girls Are Hot


Chapter 4 Hotness Myth On


Chapter 5 The Hotness of Passion


Chapter 6  Whiskey Drinking Angels


Chapter 7  Catching Horses With Lisa


Chapter 8 Why Hotties Are Crazy


Chapter 9  Girl Power

Chapter 1 Lisa Speaks Her Truth



Captain Perkins is a very happy man, he is getting along famously with Lisa, his new bride, Jeffries is rapidly transforming into a healthy adult male, and his Gunner just bagged a mule deer buck.  They now are getting full on red deer meat lightly cooked, and the coffee is on.  They need to keep moving, so they pack up and leave, going slowly northwest deeper into the Colorado Rockies.

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Lisa has had some sort of mind control training, she says she was assigned to him, and is protecting him, he believes that now, because she demonstrated ability to get in the mind of the buck and bring to the Gunner for harvesting.  He is sure curious to finding out she can do that.  He first asks her which route they should take, she tells him it doesn’t matter, he should go wherever he likes and she will take care of the rest.

As they follow the contour lines, the other two males are now ranging ahead, Jeffries is being trained by the Gunner in the art of scouting.  Very, very good thinks Perkins, teacher student situation is a very productive way to make the day pass.  He decides that today he will be the student with Lisa, she can teach him the art of getting a deer to offer itself to a hunter.

She claims she brought the deer toward the camp as an offering, then later she fetched a bottle of wine via her surrogate Jeffries.  Perkins is interested to find out how she does this or if it is a trick.  If she is playing mind games with him that would be a problem, because if she is loyal to him then she wouldn’t.

“Looks like we have most of the day to ourselves, so … tell me about the mind, tell me about mind control and how you control animals, if you please.”

Lisa – “It’s easy, you tell the animal to do what you want.”  She pauses knowing that won’t satisfy his curiosity.  “Have you’ve ever had the experience where some random person tells you something that you need to hear?”

“Sure, go on.”  – Perkins

“Well it works like this, you are controlling that person with your thoughts – but you don’t know it and neither does the other person.”  Thoughts aren’t only in your head, they are everywhere, they just seem like they are in your head because you only think you are the one having them.

“But when you are having a thought about something, perhaps it is coming from some other person, the thoughts that keep popping in your head, the never ending mind chatter is not only your thoughts, other thoughts are in there as well, you just don’t know that because you only know your thoughts.

“So lets say your subconscious wants you to get a message but you aren’t listening, it can trigger those thoughts in a person near you, and if they vocalize those thoughts, you think that person somehow magically is attuned to your own internal conversation.  What you don’t realize is that you sent those thoughts to that person, it was your subconscious, it can do that but your conscious awareness doesn’t realize it.

“We are all doing this all of the time, so it has been hard for anyone to figure out this works, so we now have a new science of synchronicities, the study of this phenomenon.  Synchronicities or serendipitous events are the ones you notice, most of the time you don’t notice any, but they are always there all of the time, but it is such a complex pattern no one understands how it works.

“We are constantly having conscious conversation all of the time, we don’t know that there is a subconscious channel doing the same thing.  We make agreements with one another in this space, we might arrange to meet a lover this way.  We might be told when someone dies, or invite a new soul to enter the body of one of upcoming children.

“We think our thoughts are only in our heads, but this not the way it really is.  Nature is a symphony of communication, and thus not all Natural Selection is the way Science perceives, perhaps animals decide at this level who breeds with who.  We don’t know how the mind works in the process of Natural Selection yet.

“Now once you understand that the mind is everywhere, then to get the deer to come to you is easy, you just ask it, or rather it’s spirit-mind.  Your mind asks it if you can have that body.  The spirit will usually agree, and then it’s mind gives brings it’s body to you.  If you practice and get good at begging and pleading the deer spirit, eventually you will get to the point of issuing commands, you simply command the deer, via your mind, to come as if you are calling a dog.

“There is really no difference, because you have the higher mind and the lower mind will comply,”  She sighs, we should take a break, that exhausted me.”

“Wow! That was quite the explanation,”  he motions toward a sunny warm looking rock outcropping about 20 yards away, he signals the Gunner a rest stop.  The other two males position themselves about 50 yards north slightly up hill, as lookouts.  There is poplars and pines interspersed in the boulders, they feel safe.

He helps her sit down across from him, she gives him a peck of a kiss, “Now tell me how you protect us from intruders,”asks Perkins completely fascinated by Lisa.

“Well … it is same as calling the deer, I tell ‘it’ to go away.  That person will comply because I have the higher mind or in the case of a human aggressor, I have the higher vibration.  The rule is very simple, whoever has the higher vibration dominates the mind space.”

“Likewise the Goddess spirit-mind can command me or you because it is higher than us, but normally it doesn’t interfere.  The rule here is also very simple, as you move up the vibration ladder, you interfere less and less.  Likewise to get into a higher vibration you have to control less and less, control is based on fear and is of low vibration.”

Lisa continues, “In the case of you and me, I was assigned to you by her.  She looked around with her mind and found a noble soul in you, high integrity as you call it, and she put me in your path.  To keep us together, she arranged a marriage for us, all the while you thought it was your idea.  You voluntarily complied because you assumed that every thought was your own.

“This is happening all of the time, the ancients invented gods to describe what the intuited must be going on, but it is only ‘mind works’.  The Native Americans called it the Great Spirit, but you could also call it the Greater Mind.  Since men do the thinking usually, they called it Father God, but that is only a prejudicial label.  It has neither sex, they don’t have sex in the god realm which is why they are so damn jealous of us.”

Great Spirit

Perkins waves his hand in a time out signal, “Whoa, girlie, you are saying the gods are jealous of us, they are not even real!”

Lisa is pointedly direct – “Let me explain “the gods’.”  She does the quotations with her fingers.  “The priests create the ‘god’ with myth, they imagine and write about god that suits their purposes, creating a god mythos.

“Those priests that tap this realm can not stand their celibacy.  The masses fuck with abandon, so they called it fornication as a derogatory label and prohibit lustful sex.  But Nature created lustful sex, so it can not be bad, the specie is propelled forward by this intense energy.  The gods never cared what we did, they never cared about our ceaseless fucking, it was only the priest.  The priest creates myth and this mythos becomes the template for the god mind you experience.

“The god we have is the god we invent, if we imagine an evil god, like Yahweh, then we experience that template, no different from loading a program on your computer.  The Universe is just like a computer, it matches your thoughts and intentions with real life circumstances, and the ‘god mythos’ is the program running the machine.

“The gods are not real if you forget about them, they are literally figments of your imagination, if you deny god then it goes away.  If you deny Yahweh, then the power of Yahweh, which is the evil power of coercion, is no longer valid for you.  That god can not, is not allowed to interfere in your life.

“But the Jewish priest, these casts of priests called Rabbis, are particularly evil, they want to control, so they insist that Yahweh is real.   They use their control of money to hire tens of thousands of priests to preach the reality of Yahweh, until Yahweh or Jehovah or God is considered real by the sheeple mind, then Yahweh is real and the priest has control.  Yahweh is a template of Jewish control.  The result of this control is your present world.

“So to control us, they must control the intense energy behind copulation and lustful sex, the demonize the act of fucking and call it fornication, they change the language so that fucking is no longer hot.  They even created a story where their savior god, Jesus, didn’t come from human fucking, Jesus was born a virgin.  No one understands how evil that is, the perfect man, a.k.a. Jesus, born a virgin is demeaning sexual intercourse.

“The priest was jealous, not god.  The priest, nerd, or studious intellectual is jealous of real men who are fit, who are hot, who get to fuck.  The priest is unable to attract females like a man with muscles, so the priest uses his intellect to turn things to his advantage.  Judeo-Christianity is a religion for nerds, it teaches passivity, it demeans the physical body, it denigrates the sex act, it is a program that has led your specie to near extinction.

“According to this religion, God did not come by hotness, God came by the holy spirit impregnating a virgin who is also god, so in a sense this crazy theology is saying Jesus got his own mother pregnant.  Of course, none of this is real, no person ever comes into this realm except by fucking.  Fucking is what is holy, not the myth.”


Perkins makes the time out signal, to stop her thought train.  “You are saying fucking is holy?”  He laughs, “I always thought that, explain that!”

“Do you find me hot, do you want to fuck me?”  “That is holy, the lustful thought is pure holiness.”

Perkins eyebrows stand up “Go on.”

Lisa – “Fucking is one of the most holy things you can do, it is the affirmation of the lifeforce – which is the real god in the hologram.  When you fuck you affirm god.

“Think of it this way, life is holy, anything that affirms life is holy.  Childbirth is holy, growing up is holy, being healthy is holy, exercise is holy, getting strong is holy, being horny is holy, having lustful thoughts is holy, and the cumulation of all that energy that gets you to do it is also holy.  Fucking is the last thing you do in the process of being holy.  That is the way it is, that is the way Nature made it when sexually reproduction was invented.

“So how could sex be bad?  Sex is, sex is the way it is with our reproduction, it can not be bad.  The priest had to labor hard to make sex bad in order to get in control of you.  If the priest can control the woman with his philosophy, so he controls the man.  The priest got control of the man via the woman, and he did it by getting the woman to abstain, holding her virginity as holiness.  Now the man had to beg the priest to get pussy.

“The priest inverted that and made it dirty, the priest made you ashamed of your body, the priest flipped holy on its head and made death holy, they made abstention from sex holy and they did it for a reason, to capture that sexual energy for their cult.  The Rabbinic priests are a nest of bloodsucking vipers, literally.

“The only purpose of the priest is to be the teacher, but in this hell realm, the Rabbinic priest is the deceiver.  The Rabbinic class are a tribe of demons turning reality upside down, teaching so-called truths that are the polar opposite of reality.  The Bible is not holy, it destroys holy, in fact the purpose of the Bible is to do that.  The Bible is a collection of Rabbinic philosophy meant to destroy life.

“This entire culture, from which we are fleeing, was created on the inversion of sexual energy from good to bad.  Being alive is bad, god hates you, he will judge you, he cast you out of paradise, he made you ashamed, you are a sinner, you are eternally separated from god, you must confess you lust to the priest, you must not have lustful sex, or pre-marriage sex, you shouldn’t celebrate your body, or be healthy or do anything that is really holy.

According to the Rabbi or priest, hell awaits the non-believer, if you don’t believe this fear porn, then you get tortured in hell for all eternity – but you are required to love this god that would do this.  That is one hell of a perversion and it is the most harmful philosophy ever invented.”

Perkins injects, “Yes I just realized the other day that Christianity was worshipping Jewish judgment as the good.”

Lisa  -“Yes, … that is correct.”

“What does the word holy mean to you?  Holy is really ‘w-holy’  or whole, when you are healthy you are wholly or whole.  I am goddess and I am here to restore holy, and sex is holy which is why I have a hottest body of any woman on this planet.  Having hot sex is the ability to not just have intercourse, it is the ability to have the highest level sex because it takes the highest amount of energy to have hot sex.”

Perkins is stunned and amazed by his new bride Lisa.  “So what you are really saying is that this revolution is about making sex holy again?”

“Yes, sex is holy, it is the holiest thing you can do because it is the life force in action.  Nature invented sex as the way higher lifeforms reproduce, we humans call the sex act fucking.  Fucking is not a bad word, it is a word that best describes sex.  Fucking is holy, and those priests who say otherwise are wrong.  This revolution will restore breathing as the good, the human body as the good, life as good, and fucking as the affirmation of life, and hotness as the highest achievement.

“What is the point in fucking if it isn’t hot?”  Lisa concludes.



Chapter 2 The Hotness of Life


hot penelope cruz

After Lisa demonstrated her incredible knowledge of metaphysics, the Gunner and Jeffries came down and asked them what was the holdup, they had been sitting there for over a half hour and they were anxious to get to the new camp area still three miles further.  It was early afternoon, about 1 P.M. a wag based on the sun angle, since no one had a time piece.  They decide to send the scouts with the deer meat to start preparing jerky, and Perkins and Lisa would arrive around dusk.

The sun was high and it was an incredible warm April day on a south western facing slope, they decided to have a picnic amongst boulders and Aspen trees.  The temperature had to be in the 70’s.  Lisa was unconcerned about keeping going, she wanted to be in the moment at that spot.  She told Perkins that at certain times of any day things would arrange themselves to produce a magical moment and that one should bath themselves in that energy while it lasted.

spring time aspens trail

That made sense to Perkins, what was the sense of hauling the heavy packs when the sun was shining bright, you would only sweat and exhaust one self, if they waited a few hours the temperature would have dropped and the heat of work would help warm them.

Lisa prepared the picnic area, she found the perfect spot, and laid out all 3 blankets, Perkins wondered why.  “Dear could you go over there while I change,”  she asked politely.  “No peeking.”

Perkins complied wondering what she was up to, it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her naked and she normally enjoy stripping for him, she was tease with her voluptuous body.

“Ok, I’m ready.”  She called him back.  Perkins stepped around the boulder to see Lisa fully clothed!  She had put on conservative dress she found in the ranchers shack.  It was checkered and buttoned all the way up to her neck, showing no cleavage as she usually did.

Perkins studies her for a moment, towering over her, his shadow covering her prone body.  “Ok … what are we doing babe?”  laughing, thinking this is getting ridiculous.

He was hot for her, all that talk about hotness had made his desires peak, now they were fading, she looking like an Amish girl, bonnet and all.

“I want you to make love to me.”  Lisa replied confused as to why he hadn’t started in on her.

Perkins sits down next to her hips and reaches over and pulls on the bonnet strap loosening its death grip on her chin, he is rapidly losing interest in this new conservative babe – she wasn’t hot at all.

hot or not comparison

Her hair didn’t look right to him, it was combed straight back and rolled up and under the bonnet.  She looked ten years older, she had no makeup on, her chest curves were barely visible, her breasts were squished under her ‘costume’ like a big bosomed farmer’s wife forming a big undifferentiated mound.

She had on the ugliest socks and only a small part of her legs were visible.  He wasn’t attracted to this.  Cowboy Perkins wasn’t cowboy up.

She could see that he needed help mounting her so she hikes up her skirt in a big heap exposing her full bloomers, he practically gagged.  “I’m wet, take me,” she begged.

“That’s alright, can I pass on this one?”

“No!”  Lisa was adamant that he mount her missionary style.

“Ok, if I must.”  Perkins takes off his clothes and pulls down her oversized panties, all he can see is her lower torso.  He is really not interested in this, he backs off, and sits to the side not looking at her.

“You’re not turning gay on me, are you?”  Lisa mocks him.

Perkins sits up ignoring her, what happened to my hot wife, he wonders.   She sits up and pulls him down then gets on top to ride her stallion.  She has to work to get him hard enough to enter.  Perkins closes his eyes hoping it is over quickly.  She comes in twenty seconds, he doesn’t.

“What is wrong with you?” she queries, as she pulls her bloomers back up and dress down.  She remakes her county girl look and then starts to lecture him on the hotness of life.  Perkins gets dressed and sits up with his back against one of the boulders lining their picnic spot.

“Why were you not interested in me?  I will tell you why.  You are a hot stud and you can only be with hot women.  Your incredibly muscular and toned body only wants to couple with its equal, the fit hot woman.  You are not interested in plain Jane, you do not desire the Amish woman, you can not get up for a conservative farmer’s wife.

You need proper visual brain stimulation to get excited about sex, and for you sex has to be hot.  There is a hotness to life, when you are hot, you desire hot, and just like with any specie there is a selection process of pairing up mates based on hotness.  Nature has created a brain circuit that selects based on hotness.


“We animals get into heat when mating.”  Lisa now disrobing and starts remaking her hotness right in front of Perkins as he sits there warming himself in the sun.

Earlier, Lisa had made the argument that having hot sex is the ability to not just have intercourse, it is the ability to have the highest level sex because it takes the highest amount of energy to have hot sex.  Hotness was the affirmation of life and fucking good, she concluded that what was the point of fucking if it wasn’t hot.

“Have you seen rutting bulls?   I mean bull elk in the rut?”  Lisa states as she pulls out of her pack sexy garters and stockings.

“Yes, on TV,”

“Why do we say an animal goes into heat?  Why do we say that woman is a hottie?  Why do we associate the word hot with animal and human mating?  Lisa asks clipping her black bra back on.

Perkins replies, “I don’t know.”

The mating signal for the human male is primarily visual, primates mate on visual signals.  When humans began to walk upright the vulva was no longer exposed for the male to receive visual signals, the vagina in estrus turns a darker shade of red, was no longer exposed.

Lisa gives him her vanity mirror to hold while she puts on dark red lipstick.  “Lipstick is red because it represents the female vulva in heat.   Why isn’t lipstick green or blue?  It is red because humans evolved and choose to stimulate the brain for sex using the mouth lips as a metaphor for pussy lips.  Red lipstick represents hot pussy.”

She bends over in front of him so that her ass is directly in front of his face, and squeezes her gluteus maximus muscles then turns around and squeezes her breasts together pushing her cleavage together with her hands so it forms the same exact image as her ass.  Humans walking upright required an evolutionary change in behavior, so the brain compensated by having females wear red lipstick, grow larger breasts that mimicked the ass.

“Do you see now why you like tits and ass?  They are the same shape in your brain.  Women wear bras to keep their breasts in the original shape, the same shape as their ass and the ass maintains its youthful shape longer because those muscles are used more often.  Did you know that Nature made your penis longer so that it penetrate deeper because of this new upright posture?”  She says raising her eyebrows expressing her interest in large penis.

Lisa has Perkins hold the mirror again as she brushes her eyebrows and lashes dark black.  “Now why do you think I am brushing my eye lashes?  Why do you like it when my eye lashes and eye brows are thick and curvy?”

Perkins answers, “Because it stimulates my brain?”

“Yes, but what metaphor do eye lashes represent?”

Perkins shrugs his shoulders.  Lisa peels back her panties exposing her neatly shaved bush.  “Oh, I get it, your eye lashes represent the pubic hairs.”

“Exactly.  You wouldn’t want the two to be mismatched when you bone some hot chick would you?  The two must be two of a kind, similar, because in your brain, the circuit requires and when a woman makes up her face it must match her bottom, puffy lips and all.”  She laughs smiling at her cowboy stud, batting her eyelashes at him, provoking a male response of increased horniness.

“Are you getting hot for me again?”  She crawls into his lap, and now I must change my personality from teacher to sex kitten so you fully understand what makes you hot for me.

Lisa now goes into full kitten mode, feminine, pleading, passive.  She pushes herself up against him pressing her body into his, like a kitten crawling on your lap padding for a place to lay.  To be fully hot is not just visual, it is also behavior including the mental state of the participants.

As Lisa changes her energy into receptivity, pure feminine wantingness.  Perkins now fully desires her, she now is exploding in a brain like the bombshell she is.  He lifts her up and places her on the blankets and takes her in all the hot positions that makes him love really, really, really hot sex.

She does whatever he wants, she lets the man be the man and take her however his lust directs.  He has the hottest orgasm ever and falls to the side completely exhausted like a rabbit that just got done humping.

After a few minutes of calm, the breathing rates slow and Lisa is first to speak, “That was really hot, we should do that more!”

“Agreed.”  Say Diesel Perkins, he now feels like a bull elk, alpha stud, he can feel that his neck has expanded.  He had even grunted like a bull during intercourse, Lisa was so excellent at making him hot for her that he had become more animal like in the mating act.  Lisa was so fucking hot he almost left his brain during orgasm, he thought his eyes would pop out of his skull.  She was to be reckoned with, he had met his match, no woman was doing this him like she was.

“Do you know that what we just did is prohibited in many places?”  She pauses to let that sink in, because now she is back teaching the revolutionary leader.

“What would you think of living in Idaho where any sex outside of the missionary position was criminalized.”

Perkins responds, “Ok you’re going to tell me this revolution is also about making hot sex legal.   What is wrong with Idaho, don’t they like sex?”

“Yes,”  she says matter-of-factly.  “The conservative Christian culture up there is against hotness.  Hotness is life, we must discuss hotness more and more and why it is important in a free society, and why religions have demonized sex outside of marriage.”

Have you heard the expression, ‘No rest for the wicked?'”  She asked.

“Of course,”  Perkins replies.

“What does that really mean?  Christians use that expression for people who engage in hot sex.  It is derogatory for fit people who are striving for greater fitness and better sex.  Sex is bad, and hot sex is for wicked people so says the preacher who watches porn – which is of course – a visual media that displays hot sex.

“To be hot you must be fit, and to be fit you must constantly strive and exercise.  Do animals every take a break from fitness?  They can not, they must always strive in order to survive, likewise humans that are hot are always striving.  Humans are completely wired for hot sex, the preachers are completely wrong as always.

“What is the point in fucking if it isn’t hot?”  Lisa concludes again.  “Do you know what we should do?”

Perkins looks at her, “Fuck more?”

“Yes, this summer we should fuck all across Idaho and change the vibe of that horrible Mormon infested state.”

“Agreed, … lets move out.”  Perkins orders, not wanting to hear about those Mormon fuckers.

“Roger,” she gives him a mock salute then a wet kiss.

Perkins looks at her nimble come fuck me bod and wonders if Idaho is ready for liberation by the way of the goddess.

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Chapter 3 Some Girls Are Hot


hot nun still ain't getting none

The two lovers, who have only married for three days, head toward the new camp.  Lisa had just taught Perkins an important lesson about hotness and what it is to be hot.  She demonstrated that sex in the missionary position was for people who were not hot, and that a hottie was into hot sex.

Lisa was the hottest woman on the planet, and she was channeling the goddess energy, she needed to keep instructing Diesel Perkins on what the real agenda of the revolution was about.  She now changed the topic, “What do you think of Christian girls, Diesel?”

hottest woman can not be a believer

“I don’t,” says Perkins.

“Why not?”  Lisa inquires, starting a new line of thought.

“Well, I guess it’s because I am not attracted to them.”  Perkins wonders why she would ask this.  “I’m not thinking of cheating on you,” he replies defensively.

“No, dear  I didn’t think that, … I’m just wondering why you don’t think Christian girls are hot.”

“Well I’ve seen some that might be hot, but they are never the hottest, plus I don’t want to get involved with a Bible believer, there’s something about them that is off, like they all work for some off world sinister organization.”

Lisa – “Well that is a very good observation.  They all work for Rothschild – yet don’t know it.”

“Rothschild got taken out by Russia a month ago, so we don’t have to worry about Christians anymore – or do we?”  Perkins states, understanding she is going somewhere with this thought train.  “So obviously they are still a problem or you wouldn’t have brought it up, correct?”

“That is correct, what Rothschild represented will be replaced, he was the tip of the Christian spear of power, now that he is gone the system will reorganize because the energy of millions of Christians is still present – and perhaps growing, nuclear war forced consciousness into a more conservative position, fear of the unknown fate of mankind may drive more people into religious belief systems.”

“Or maybe people will abandon Christianity after their savior failed to appear,”  Perkins quipped.

“Let us hope they start giving it up, you know that Rothschild was never the real problem,  he never had any power until everyone gave the state power when they turned their personal authority over to the Christ.  There is no Christ, but there was a system organizing around that energy,  Rothschild just happened to capture control of a whole planet full of Christians because his central banks subverted Western governments to his control.

christian girls

“The Christian western nations all became assets of Rothschild, but even with him gone and all the debt liquidated the problem remains, the Christian mythos is still driving state power because Christianity is a mind spell in which individuals voluntarily relinquish personal authority and turn it over to the state.  That problem has not gone away and can not go away until the myth is busted.

“Because state authority allows power to be concentrated, the most ruthless people will always gravitate toward the center of that power.  It is no coincidence that nation states are run by psychopaths, it is an inevitable result of concentrating power in the hands of a few.  It was completely predictable that the Western world would have this ending, the mythos created state power and the power corrupted until psychopaths forced a confrontation with Russia, a nation that resisted Rothschild system of usury.”

She is following him, Perkins stops for a water break.  He pulls her over to a log he selects, then sits across from her on a rock.  “So this is all very interesting, but how does the system of power, the real Christ, have anything to do with Christian girl hotness?”

“Well be patient, I’m getting there!”  Lisa is upset that he is a typical guy that doesn’t want to listen to the girl.  “Be patient, sweetheart, I promise I am going somewhere with this.”

“Ok, cut to to the punchline, why are Christian girls less hot than other girls, who don’t believe.  Perkins stares at her, he can she is getting upset at his impatience, then he has a flash insight, “Oh, I get it!  It’s the belief, right?  The belief system is killing hotness,” smiling, happy with his realizations.

“Exactly, Christianity kills hotness, in fact Christianity was carefully designed to do that.  Those that wrote the myth wanted the sexual energy of the populace directed toward the growth and maintenance of the state.”  Lisa explains then continues, “Have you ever noticed that some girls are so hot, however, that the Christian program is unable to squash their hotness?  Some leave the cult, shunned, but they retain their hotness.  Have you noticed that?”

“They don’t necessarily intuit that the religion is killing them, but they get out, acting on their feelings and gut instincts.  Their hotness is strong enough to overcome the program that is killing them inside.  This can be dangerous for a woman because she can be cut off from her support group. This is why the spell must be broken, Christian girls need liberation, they need to come out of myth, they need salvation from Jesus.

The problem with women is that they are wired to trust men and authority, the weaker of the two sexes will always trust the man in the nice suit.  Most women will cave to the system, they might eventually intellectualize their feelings, but they stay with the system, perhaps pretending to be the good little Christian wife or daughter.

Perkins replies, “Jesus can not save them because there is no Jesus, saving themselves for Jesus is ridiculous.   Praying to Jesus won’t get you laid or make you hot, right?”

woman praying in church

Lisa – “Praying to god binds your mind to the mythos, there is no god listening, or cares what you pray for.  Pray for this or that it makes no difference, the Universe is an automatic thought duplication machine, whatever you think you draw toward yourself.  Thinking about, or praying to Jesus will increase synchronicites with other like minds, it will make you believe more, it just becomes a self deception.

“Jesus will never make you hot, believing in an afterlife god is putting your mind into your future, your impending death, thus afterlife focused religions keep you from believing in yourself – and living in the present moment.  Life is now, you are now in the now, and Nature compels you to be hot because your life is about living and being hot is life.”  Lisa concludes her thoughts.

Perkins replies, “Exactly, we think alike, we must embrace life and live, god can take care of himself, and we must take care of ourselves.  What really concerns me about Christian girls is their allegiance to authority, for instance I wouldn’t want to date a Christian girl in Mormon territory that would turn me in for smoking pot.  Tell me why authority worship negates hotness.”

“First of all, Christian girls do not know how they are being subverted and then subjected to the cult of authority.  Most don’t know until it is to late to change, they have so much invested in reading and studying the Bible, in church worship and service, their friends and relationships are in their church so if they ever figure out that they’ve been conned it is very hard for them to leave.  Regardless, some do, and guess which ones are the most likely to leave?”

Perkins – “The hot ones, right?”


“Yes the hottest ones that are being true to their core being will leave first, they may not be able to articulate why they have to leave, they just feel it and know it.  If they are really hot they may run away, but they risk running with boy wolves and becoming drug addicts or alcoholics, but they risk that penalty to be free and hot.

“When a hottie runs, in a desperate attempt to flee this insane Christian society that negates your very being, she can go crazy.  Crazy and hot go together, they are one in the same because of the culture.  It is often said that ‘a hottie is always right, because a hottie is hot’, and the reason for this is that the girl maintaining her integrity won’t allow any disagreements into her consciousness – because she knows that if someone is able to get to her then her hotness is finished.

“Being hot is being true to oneself, being hot is maintaining personal integrity, being hot prevents you from being subverted by that which is outside of self.  Being hot means you are not going to let belief in Jesus get in the way of getting laid, having hot sex, or doing whatever the fuck they want to.

“The problem also can arise that some hot Christian wives can go a bit crazy because their behavior conflicts with their belief system.  You can’t be true to Jesus when your cheatin’ on him.  Christians are being taught to completely give themselves over to the Lord, which is really state authority, or call it Jewish power or Rothschild.  So any Christian girl completing her DNA programming will be up against her religious indoctrination.”

“Yeah, that really makes sense to me,” Perkins interjects, “It’s the DNA programming of evolution against the memetic programming of the religious memeplex.”

smokin hot chick IS A WILLFUL CHICK

“Exactly, one or the other will become dominant, otherwise you risk becoming crazy.  So now can you see how dating a Christian girl has risk of connecting to authority?” Lisa explains, “The Christian has been programmed to not just accept authority into their heart, they have not just been trained to obey authority blindly, they have been trained to assist authority in the rule of law.”

Perkins injects, “Obviously that is a problem because the state is corrupt and law not moral.  Christians also have a built in complex to obey even when obeying is morally wrong, like going to fight immoral wars or enforcing drug laws.  But when you think about it, law was never moral and never could be, because law is state coercion and thus wrong from the get go.

“Most Christian don’t understand how snitching their neighbors out to the state destroys society, no one should ever rat out their neighbor, ever, because the state is the enemy.  But Christians can’t see the enemy, because of their programming, they have allegiance to the very thing that will destroy them.

“Once an individual caves to state authority they are finished, and they might as well jump off the cliff to be with Jesus.  Their lives end when they obey, their entire existence becomes phony, a charade, a comedy of personal debasement.  This is why the Christians seem so shallow, they are living inauthentic lives because they have negated self in favor of state.

“So to get out of their predicament, Christians abandon reason and move into blind belief, believing anything the state tells them, which is of course lies, because as the state takes more and more power, the lies become bigger and bigger until you have 911, when the lie is so huge it is no longer believable.  Christianity is not about getting to heaven, it is about building the state and once the state has all of the power it will inevitably turn on it’s people, because the state is parasitic, it does not create wealth, it exploits wealth.

“Then these Christians wish for the end, because nuclear war is a good way for them to solve their internal conflict, instead of facing reality of what they have created with their authority worship, they prefer death because it is an easier solution.  So I can see your point about hotness and life, by negating hotness you have also negated your existence.

“So here we are, the world is terminal, even post WW3, and the Christian community still can not face the reality that external authority is the death of self.  Funny ain’t it, I’m anarchist to my core yet I used to fly for the USAF!”

Lisa agreed, “Now I can see why I ended up with you, you get it while so many have no idea that authority is the enemy of self.  When I hear you talk it sounds like myself, like a match made in heaven!”

Perkins interjects, “Yeah I’ve been wondering about that, how did the ‘goddess’ know to send you to me?  There were 1.5 billion men on the planet when we first met, why me, and how me?”

“It was easy, it had to be you, you bombed the centers of religious power, you had to be the right one, you were the only person on the entire planet that saw the real problem, therefore your consciousness was the closest to goddess consciousness, and farthest from religious servitude.

“Thus when my fellow agent Amir in the Iranian F-14 flew up to your B-52, he also knew you were the one, and so did the USAF Skynet computer, thus you only got the fuel to go to where I was, the meeting was arranged by ‘higher’ minds.”  Lisa laughed.

“Amir is a fellow agent?” Perkins spins around and stares fiercely into her eyes.  He grabs her chin with his powerful hand so she can’t look away, he points the other finger at her “Tell me the truth and nothing but the truth, what agency do you work for?” he says in a raised determined voice.

Lisa stammers, “I work for … I don’t know.  I mean I think I work for the goddess, Amir is an Air Force pilot.”

Perkins lets go, “Yeah I figured he was USAF, they were there when we landed, they used Iranian marked jets as standard procedure to disavow any involvement.  Try to remember, it is important, now get on telling me why allegiance to authority kills hotness.”

“You scare me sometimes, honey.”  Lisa choked, her eyes welled up with tears.

Perkins, seeing that she caved to his male authority now took pity and wiped away her tears with his shirt sleeve and gave her a hug.  “Cowgirl up, we got to hoof it to camp before dark.”

They get to camp right at dark, walking the rest of the way in silence, Cowboy Perkins was pissed she hadn’t told him about the Air Force ploy.  His trust in her was waning.  She knew this and the entire way she looked down at the ground, she had screwed up and needed to fix their relationship.

Guns left markers that they picked up on the way in, Perkins gives him the markers for inventory, he asks, “Howzit, how’d it go boss?”

Perkins felt real ornery from the hike, “I feel like that mouse that fucks itself to death.”  Jeffries and the Gunner look at him slightly confused, then they slowly get it and start to laugh.

Lisa feels shamed, the men are talking about her, she wanders from the campfire into the darkening woods, Perkins follows, there was a mare that needed a whippin’ and she knew it.


Chapter 4 Hotness Myth On



Perkins is pissed about his new wife keeping information from him, and he intends to whip her secrets out of her, his survival may require any information she has buried.  He joked with the boys at camp and she took off ashamed, they are in the middle of the Colorado wilderness, he can’t let her stray far, he catches up to her about 30 yards away, he brought some smoked venison for them.

natural girl

He gives her some but she won’t eat.  “Do you know why I am mad with you?”

She nods lightly, afraid to raise his anger, “Yes,” Lisa says meekly.

“What else are you keeping from me?” he asks.

“I don’t know,” the tears roll down her cheeks, she is upset that her husband is angry with her, she is not a good wife, and she can’t remember who trained her.

Perkins realizes he overreacted, “You didn’t have time to tell me, but wanted to, right?”

She nods.  He gives her a big hug and pulls her into his chest, she cries into his arm muscles.  “I overreacted, forgive me.”  Perkins says holding her head against his chest.  He maintains this posture until she looks up into his eyes, she studies his face in the low light to determine if he is sincere, and she determines that he is.

He leads her to the spot the Gunner had picked out for them to camp that night, they quickly put up their wigwam, which only takes a few minutes, she holds a candle while Perkins spreads the sheets on the pine needle bed, and hoists the makeshift tent.  He takes her inside to finish the setup while he stakes off the canopy, then goes back to the campfire for next day planning with the boys.

Lisa sits in the tent and ponders what do next, she makes the bed area but not with enthusiasm.   She feels safe, but her husband’s raw power scared her.  At least he apologized.  But the damage is done, it will take more makeup sex to get over this, but she not into sex at that moment, her hotness is now off.  She realizes that she has to cope with the situation, she has to allow him to be the man, the leader and she needs to support him, god dammit she must not think of herself and she must support the leader – her husband!

Perkins makes it back to his nest with her after a half hour.  He peeks inside the tent, she is still there but only the back of her hair is visible, she didn’t greet him.  This is bad and he needs to fix this.  He stands outside the tent and stares at the moon through the fir canopy.  Fuck!  He caused this by his overreaction and now he has alienated his new bride.  Fuck!  God dammit!   He’s angry at himself.

At that point Perkins makes a resolution, never overreact because it only makes any situation worse. Leadership is defined by mature behavior of the leader, the leader can not allow emotions to rule, because that will only make difficulties worse.  He ponders the situation a bit more and the cold night air forces him into the wigwam.  He stays dressed and crawls under the covers and snuggles up to her, she is partly dressed.  After a few moments of studying the strands of her hair in the flickering candle light he whispers “You still awake?”  into her mass of hair.

She carefully rolls over, but doesn’t respond.  She puts her hands against his chest and meets her lips against his – at first the lips just lightly touch, she holds that for an intolerable twenty seconds then she lightly starts to bite his upper lip, then she licks his lips until he lets her tongue.

The tongues meet, he tastes her scent, and caresses her face with the back of his hand, then he puts his hand gentle on her shoulder and rests it there.  He should let her follow her instincts knowing he shouldn’t do anything.  He lets her make up, he lets her healing feminine energy erase the emotions of his overreaction.

She slips off her bra and panties, this is her signal to him that they are going to fuck – no matter what.  She helps him remove his clothes with getting up, they kick their clothes to the bottom of the bed into an interlaced pile – just as they are.  The both lay on their sides facing one another.

The shitty situation between them is now being repaired, and both want this healing to take place, their intention is healing, and the body of energy between them, the thing that makes them one thing is healed and comes back to life, re-energized.

krystle lina make up sex

As they kiss, the heat between them slowly starts to build, the trust between them starts to flow back and become the dominant consciousness between them, the one consciousness, which is a real body of energy that now envelopes both of them. They both can feel this transformation, it is overwhelming positive of the light between their two souls, and it is so comforting that they wonder why they ever allowed themselves to leave this space.

Their marriage has been reaffirmed and strengthened, they survived this mini breakup.  In minutes they are back in love with one another, in the oneness of their marriage, a real energy field of their two souls intertwined gives them the feelings of love.  Now Lisa brings this healing process up to the conscious level, she whispers an apology, “Honey, I should have told you earlier,” stating the obvious but making it legally binding.

Perkins responds in kind, “It wasn’t your fault, I am really sorry that I scared you,” responding on the conscious level even though no conscious apology was needed after they repaired the soul oneness.  Verbal apology is only for the benefit of the human ego, not nearly as real as the energy itself.

Lisa gradually morphs from her depressing moping mode into her sex kitten mode, she pulls her body on top of his. She now starts kissing him passionately, pressing her breasts and erect nipples into his chest.  Her lower body starts into motion of fucking, arousing their energy to a higher level.

Perkins can no longer stand the attention so he pulls her open and enters her.  She gasps.  He squeezes her breasts, pinching her nipples arousing her lust.  Their lower chakras now fully connected and their tongues tied, the intense sexual energy around each other flows in a completed circuit.  The heat builds.

She knows that to seal the deal she has to have makeup sex and release all the pent-up energy between them.  This bound energy is also very real, it is a real sexual tension between them like a shock cord that has been wound up and spinning at the speed of light.  This energy is extremely powerful and is being generated by their bodies, it is the life force energy of the Universe.

She knows she has to fuck him like he has never been fucked before, she has to take all of her skills and training and apply them with precision, as the hottest woman on the planet and as the most loving wife one could attain and still be in body.  She must use her hotness for healing.

Perkins rolls her over and mounts her, pressing her legs forward and apart to get maximum penetration.  Now she must let the male dominate her with his sexual power.  She surrenders her mind and body into the moment, becoming fully complete, fully feminine, pure receptive energy as he ejaculates into her as deep as he can.  He momentarily loses consciousness, his mind shuts down in the moment of passion.

Sexual intercourse was a fast track to healing with this dynamic duo, they lay next to each other bare without the covers, the sweat rapidly evaporates into the dry cold night air.  Slowly their breathing returns to normal and the chill gets them to pull the covers up, they barely notice the cool temperatures, now acclimated to their environment.

She nests in his arms facing outward toward the tent opening, their positions now reversed.  She turns and kisses him frequently, giving him the signal that she is ready for more sex.  They are both wide awake, their tiredness gone from having hot sex.

Perkins wonders out loud, “What just happened?  All I could think about after the fight was confrontation, now all that energy is gone, gone like the wind.  We were at odds now we are in each others arms, how can that be?”

“I saw the light again,” Perkins continues, “Did you see it?”


“What is it?”  Perkins inquires.

Lisa – “It is your energy field, your aura, and when you have sex, I mean, hot sex, sometimes you can see it when conditions are right.  It is you, it is the real you.”

“What do mean, the real me?”

“Just what I said.  That light is you, it is the primal energy of the Universe, and by some magical means it exists in our bodies, or animates our bodies.”

“Are we in a hologram, and that light a projection of that?”

“Sure – that is a good explanation that humans could assign to the phenomenon right now, but if you just surrender your mind and feel an answer, not with your brain, but with your emotion, heart, you can believe that we are light and that light exists forever.”

Perkins – “I’ve read about this in New Age books, you saying it’s real?”

“What is real?  Lisa laughs.  “This insane world or the light?  Well you saw the light in our hands when we made love.”  Lisa puts her hand into his.   “I don’t see the light now, maybe we were hallucinating.”

“I see your point, the light is more primal, it is on par with the basic four forces of  the Universe and elementary particles, and the world we have created is unreal – endless suffering based on bad myth!

“Wow, I see your point now, we suffer because of the myth we all chose to believe, if we choose a new myth, a positive one, then we could live and love, and be true to ourselves and be hot.”

“Exactly, what kind of world do you want, what kind of girls do you want for that matter, do you want to live in world full of hotties or a world full of dull plain Janes who only want to read the Gospel of John?”  Lisa exclaims.

bedsheet tent 2

Perkins, “So it makes sense that there is a form of light more fundamental than the electromagnetic force, it is what we are, and matter a slowed down version of it.  I like that explanation, light is the spirit of the matrix and matter arises from the matrix – we arose from the matrix.  So what happens when we die?”

Lisa – “Nothing, the light continues on, it’s still there I suppose.”

“Where does it go?” – Perkins.

Lisa  – “There is nowhere to go, just like the situation we are in now, there is really no destination, you go where you want, and have whatever experience you desire.”

“So what about judgment, hell and all that?”  Perkins asks.

Lisa – “All fabricated theology of fear, created by the Priest for purposes of control, no reality for you in the next life, but real to you in this life if you believe it, because your actions will be based in fear and thus incorrect actions.  If you act like hell is real, guess what?  You create hell for yourself.  The real trick is to act in love all the time and give the middle finger to the theists.”

Perkins laughs, “Maybe I should give you the finger.”

Lisa puts her top leg forward, “Ok, that sounds good.  A moment later,  “Oh yeah, that feels good.”

“Are you always this wet?”  Perkins asks.  They get hot again and wreck their bed in rough love-making.   They collapse spread eagle naked on the pine needles outside their destroyed wigwam, cooling their overheated bodies.

“How come I’m not tired?” Perkins asks as they make the bed.  “When I showed before we made up, I was really tired but now I feel like new, how can that be?”

Lisa  – “Obviously the sex is charging us.”

Perkins – “So if we are light, and religion bad myth, why don’t we just be light and forget myth?

“Sure, and that would be the new myth…”

Perkins cuts her off,  “What’s the new myth,”

“Light, that we are light,” are you even listening honey?

Perkins, “Oh, I see, myth is whatever we choose to believe with proof unlike science, it doesn’t even matter if true of not, provable or not, just that we believe it.”

Lisa – “Now you got it.” She’s still horny and starts stoking his cock, but not having much luck.

“How do we know if you’re right?” Perkins asks again.

Lisa – “Well look at the current myth, is it right?  Not a chance.  Do people believe it?  Yes.  Do they act on it?  Yes.  Do they war on it?  Yes.  Myth is real, you can see with your own eyes the power of myth, you can see with own eyes the reality of a myth for power that we currently have dominating the world.”

Perkins, “So why don’t we write a new myth where Satan wins and fucks Yahweh in the ass for all eternity?”

Lisa – “We could, but what would be the point but more vengeance, that would be a continuation of the Yahweh myth. The solution is to change the myth to positive, we are light and love.”


“Yeah that sounds real New Agey, and real faggy, but I do agree we should trash the Bible and start over, why not believe in no myth?

Lisa – “Would that not be a myth?”

Perkins – “That’s ridiculous…”

She flips his soft cock around, this is what is ridiculous.  “Are you going to cowboy up or not?”  Lisa complains, sexually frustrated with his sudden lack of male performance.

“Hey we did it four times today, the horse needs a rest.” Perkins sighs.

“Yeah … well this mare needs to get ridden again, how about I show you the power of mouth?”

“Do you believe you can get me hard again with your mouth, now that’s a myth I can believe in.  Myth on!”




Chapter 5 The Hotness of Passion


bohemian hottie

Perkins is upset, he just woke up and Lisa is not in bed.  He immediately calls her name and doesn’t hear a response, he fears she took off.  God dammit where is she?  He steps out of the tent and his lovely new bride Lisa running barefoot to him with a hot cup of Joe.  Thank god, she’s still here, Perkins silently blesses the situation before him, staring at her hot body wrapped in Bohemian garb like a wood nymph and she’s bring him coffee.

He warmly receives her feigning happiness because just a moment ago he was not happy, he was in fear.  He is very attached to her now, they made love five times yesterday, a new world record for him.  Lisa is his new bride, the hottest woman on the planet, she is channeling the Goddess and Perkins is the leader of the New American Revolution, she is teaching him what this revolution is really about.  Passion.


Perkins sips his coffee, stretching in the brisk morning air, living outside does something to the body, it makes you strong, wired tight, tanned, alert, and most of all wild.  Perkins grins deviously at Lisa, who is standing next to him, “We really fucked out brains out yesterday, didn’t we?”

“Yes, honey,” Lisa replies taking hold of his powerful arm and pressing herself into him.

“How’d many times yesterday?  Five or Six?”  Perkins questions not really remembering such epic boning.

Lisa states, “Five times.”

Perkins hoped she’d say six.  Wow, I really was like that mouse that fucks itself to death, Perkin muses to himself about his accomplishment, then suddenly realizes that since Lisa can read his thoughts, she picked up on what he said at the campfire to the boys last night when they were fighting, so she did fuck him like that mouse.  She delivered exactly what he joked about as punishment.

Lisa smiles as he reaches the inevitable conclusion of action and reaction, he must never demean her, she is his wife after all.

“How many days we’ve been married, five or six?” ask Perkins.

She kicks him with heel, “Four!”  Lisa steps in front of him and looks him straight in the eye, “I am not thinking of leaving, I am not going to leave, I am your wife you big dummy!”

Perkins stares back and stammers, she knows I feared her leaving, she read my exact thoughts when I woke up and didn’t see her in bed, “That’s good … I think,” grinning slightly so she can see he got her good.

Lisa knees him lightly in the crotch, “You fucker!”  and pushes him back into the tent for more fucking, more punishment by fucking administered by the sex goddess.

Perkins pulls her on top then in one move rolls over on top of her, holding her down with his weight while she gives him come fuck me eyes.  He realizes that she has the energy to fuck him to death, so now he has to regulate his sexual appetite, she is a five course meal that is always hot and ready.

“So how far away can you read my thoughts?”  Perkins states nose to nose staring down his psychic hottie he has pinned.  He’s not going to let her up until she squeals, he presses into her further forcing air out of her lungs.

“I don’t know, but far.”  Lisa tries to breathe as she answers his question, now she knows she’s been a little naughty and unethical.

“Well your trespassin’ on my thoughts, what fun is it to be with you if you can read all my thoughts?  My thoughts are mine and you gotta stop lookin’ inside my head, alrighty then?”  Perkins says aggressively.

He lets up, pushing her shoulders with his hands and lets her breathe, “Can you turn it off?”

“Yes,”  she says timidly.

“Ok then, lets git some more coffee – you spilt mine.”

They get to the campfire and have to stoke it, the boys left them a note saying they’ll be back at dark, they went hunting for the day.  The Gunner is teaching Jeffries how to hunt, and how to be a man.  Lisa and Perkins now have the day to themselves, and the energy is completely different from yesterday, it’s a new day for new realizations.

Lisa asks, “Are you still mad at me?”

“No.”  Perkins states, Perkins sits on a fair-sized log about six feet from the fire and pads the space next to him for her.  He takes a sip, his mind is not on sex, it is on the revolution and the process of how a revolution unfolds, he loves the metaphysics of the transformation that a society goes through when it evolves.

“I’m not mad, let’s talk about this mad passion we have for each other. Since we are the designated leaders then our hot passion for each other must be related to this revolution.  I know that revolutions are driven by passion, the human emotion of passion is what drives change,  let’s drink some coffee and talk about fucking and how it relates to the revolution.”

Lisa perks up, at least he wants to talk about fucking, he didn’t fuck me this morning, she is upset.

“The passion of the moment drives the revolution, this revolution, this new American Revolution is going to be about one thing and only one thing, a passion for liberty.  It might seem this is about guns or laws or states rights or foreign policy, it is about the human spirit expressing itself passionately.

“What everyone is missing is what really is at stake here, Christianity has killed real passion, and the revolution is re-flowering of human passionate expression which can be summed up in one word.  Hotness.  We are living ‘hot’ beings, with sex drives and lust for passionate experience.

“Christianity killed the human spirit, it subjugated men to the rule of law, and the state got busy building empire and turning everyone into slaves.  But we are not slaves, we can not be slaves or we will die out, humans are free and can only be free in order to thrive as a specie.

“This revolution will be the overturning of the reigning myth that killed society and turned Americans and the rest of the world into chattel of the bastard Rothschild, where everyone drones on, working, paying taxes to the behemoth state that is running a world empire for Jewish bankers.

“So those people who choose to live, we the living are going to drive this revolution with our passion, and we will be fucking the entire time, not after some revolution that may be completed at some undetermined date, but now.  The revolution is now, the revolution is hot, it is hotness, and we will raise the gods by hot fucking.

This talk about lots of fucking has excited his bride, who doesn’t really understand or care about all that guy passion of fighting.


“Christians are the walking dead, they are waiting to live in the next life, they are not living now, they are the real life Zombies that we war against.  Anyone who embraces a death cult religion and makes it their center is against us, because we are living now and not concerned about what happens after death.  Afterlife expectations and desires are for the animated corpses we call the sheeple.  That’s what I know, now tell me what you know about passion and revolution.”

Lisa gets up with her fire stick and points it at her pussy, she looks around and pulls down her skirt exposing her bra, teasing him, “You are the fucking revolution and this speech of yours is making me hot.”  She pours some hot coffee into this cup and intentionally spills some on his leg, to arose him and make him react to her.  She bends over exposing her uncovered ass as she retrieves a rag by the fire pit.  She wants to fuck, Perkins is making her horny with his revolution fucking speech, she wants some action and if they ain’t going to go war right now then they should fuck.

She decides to repeat what he just said, that way he’ll think I got it and was listening, “Now I know I chose right, you are like a god of the revolution.  What is the point in being alive if all you do is work and slave on, we have to follow our passions and desires and resist this slave system created by the banks and their political minions who sell us out for a few bucks.

“I now know my role, outside of completely supporting you, I now know based on what you just brilliantly just stated is that the women of this revolution must make themselves hot as hell for their men who will be fighting for this liberty and freedom.  We are alive and free and we will make ourselves smokin’ hot for you men who have the raw physical power to destroy this evil Joos system of subjugation.

“I will keep myself always hot for you, always ready to fuck for you, I will be the hottest wife for you and when I am not taking care of you I will be leading the women of this revolution and teaching them the art of passionate living.  We can clean the guns, we can make the lunches, we can keep the beds warm for the men who are going to end these awful Abrahamic religions and free humanity.”

“I am going to be the hottest Bohemian bitch on this planet.  We can build the best Bohemian wigwam that inspires other to live free and in a constant state of passion.”  She happily concludes her act seeing that Perkins approved of what she just said.

Perkins says  “Very good, now we are becoming clear in the roles we play in the revolution, the sun is up and it’s getting hot, let’s go down to the creek and spend the day there.”  They put the fire out and grab a pound of jerky and head down to the creek running fast from spring runoff, they spot a sun draped granite ledge, perfect for nude sunbathing.  Lisa is excited, he’ll for sure fuck me while we nude sunbath.

colorado spring runoff

The crystal clear water tastes good, he fills up their bottles.  Perkins estimates it’s getting close to noon and they decide to take a dip in the ice cold stream, Lisa is excited because now she knows that she can get out and get warm on the rock ledge, the temperature is in the mid seventies, a perfect mid April day.

They find a small pool about waste deep and carefully wade in the rushing water, the rocks are slippery and their feet start to go numb quickly.  Lisa’s skin is all goosebumps, Perkins notices her nipples are rock hard, but he can hardly get aroused because the freezing cold water shriveled up his nutsack like acorns.  Lisa laughs at his shrunk balls, which normally hang like a stallions.  Perkins gives her a look, like she’ll have to pay shortly for that, and she thinks she’ll gladly accepts the punishment, he hasn’t even fucked her yet this morning and it’s almost noon.

Perkins holds her hand and dips first, the forty two degree water gives him an instant headache, he immediately stands up drenched and wipes the icy clear water from his eyes.  Lisa looks at him, trying to get the courage to dip, he tells her it’s not as bad as she thinks, it’s all in the mind.  She agrees and forces her self under but her feet slip out and Perkins pulls her back up and embraces her, then carries her to shore like a bride.  They wipe the excess water off and walk on their frozen foot stubs to the sunny rock ledge.

He lays her down on the blanket and spreads her legs and proceeds to warm her up with his tongue, she groans with pleasure.  Her breast skin is tight and this really turns her on, she rolls her nipples as he licks her snatch and in no time she is ready to come, she’s delirious with pleasure, he slides his tongue up her belly and starts sucking on her hard nipples, biting them.

Lisa is so turned on that as soon as he enters her she has a mind-blowing orgasm, her eyes flicker in the back of her head, she was no longer getting laid by a creek side in the wilderness but in pure goddess ecstasy.

They fall to their backs and are overheated from fucking, the hotness of passionate moment overcame the coldness of bathing nude in the spring runoff just fifteen minutes prior.  There’s nothing like hot sex coming right out of the creek, you won’t mind the cold a bit.   Lisa rolls over and cuddles him after he dismounts and lays down on the flat granite,  “Well that was fucking awesome, you can do that to me anytime.  I think I said fuck and god about a thousand times.”

No man has every done this her, she is now one smitten kitten.   For the rest of the day she will not be able to keep her hands off of him, she is now stuck to his side like glue, and she doesn’t even realize this change in her behavior.

Perkins is so exhausted he can’t say much, after a half a minute he gathers himself up and engages her conversation, “Fucking is good and fucking is god, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  Did you notice that as your focus changed from being freezing cold to being orally stimulated that you forgot the cold and no longer felt cold?”

“Yeah, now I remember that I forgot to remember I was freezing my ass off in the creek.”  Lisa replies.  “So that’s what you mean when you said it was all in the mind.”

“Yes, your brain sends you a signal for that feeling, but when you changed your attention the pain of the cold disappeared almost instantly.  Think about that for a moment.  Once you realize that pain is a brain signal based on attention, then anytime you go in freezing cold water you can overcome the feeling of cold by simply putting your mind elsewhere, like mission accomplishment or in our case hot sex.  In fact any pain can be made to go away with mind discipline.”  Perkins explains.

“You didn’t actually know what I meant until the experience, your mind was not clear with my description of mind control until you had experiential evidence, experience is the real teacher.

Lisa – “You are so fucking smart, oh I said fucking, shouldn’t we fuck some more?”  They start kissing again and after a few minutes they are back at it.  They spend the rest of day eating deer meat and dipping in the cold water, this improves their lust for each other.  About five in the afternoon they return to the campfire totally invigorated, with more energy than they started the hike.  Lisa stokes the fire, “So far that’s four times, can we break yesterday’s record?”

“You’re a little nympho aren’t you?”  Perkins grins, “And your mine.”  They sit cuddled by the campfire and at dark the Gunner returns just like the note said, he’s carrying a new pack laden with supplies, they greet and sit around the campfire with the ‘news’, they also had a big day.  Jeffries shot his first game, a cottontail which he proudly displays, he also cleaned it by himself.

Jeffries is unconcerned about giving Lisa attention, his attention is now focused on cooking the rabbit he harvested and cleaned, he has a new focus, he is learning a new way to be and leaving his past behind.

The Gunner tells them they just happened to meet the Radar Navigator who gave them the pack. Command knows everything they are doing, and sent them some supplies which they haven’t opened yet.  They unpack and find two full bottles of whiskey plus all kinds of supplies the squadron chipped in for them – it’s a non official care package, Command can disavow any help.

Yoo hoo it was going to be a good night, whiskey, guns, and pussy, what could be better than that?  Perkins thinks.

Lisa digs her claws into his biceps when he thinks ‘pussy’ and whispers into his ear, anytime, she is unconcerned about giving the former gay Jeffries any attention, Perkins did her like no other man, she is hanging onto him as if she just met god, and this sex god is her man.

Perkins takes the first crack at the wicked hot Yukon Jack cinnamon laced whiskey, then passes the bottle to Lisa who takes a baby sip, then the Gunner and Jeffries.  All is well, and the Gunner continues with the news, Command knows everything and he hands Perkins the latest newspaper headlines, him and Lisa are on the front page, their journey is being published and the nation watches their progress.

Perkins tells the group, “It don’t get any better than this.”  They all had the best day of their lives and now they can get smashed, drinks are on the house.