Chapter 9 Girl Power


sexy-cowgirls horses

Lisa and Perkins make it back to camp at dusk, they just completed their first horseback ride together and they rode bareback, they are sore, thigh muscles they rarely used got stretched as they hung on for dear life to the horse belly with their legs.  Riding horses will make you tough as nails when you ride with no saddle like a wild Indian.  They have now successfully completed the first day of bonding with their horse, horses who picked them.

view from horse

They slide off in unison by the campfire, freeing their horses for the night, she tosses the jerry rigged rope bridle and reigns onto a pine branch for safekeeping, Perkins hangs his, he doesn’t want a porcupine eating the sweat stained harness that took time to build.  The scent of the stew draws Lisa in for a taste, the beans are tender, she serves and they both eat in silence, they are starving.

Perkins gets up to find the water bottle and is first to speak after their ass bruising ride, “Looks like we had another perfect day, babe.”

“Yep,” Lisa swipes her face clean with her arm, she is loving being a rough and tumble cowgirl –  a girl with strength and power.  Living wild, constant exercise of muscles makes you alert, wiry, tough, strong, and determined.  Living outside twenty-four seven changes your interior attitude and perception of life.  There are no cops keeping you in check mate, you are never ‘safe’, you are free and free to express your inner most feelings, even fight if you want, who’s to stop ‘ya?

For a girl experiencing horses and outdoor living, no bills, no lights, no hot bathes, no big vanity mirror to primp is a big change in lifestyle, but Lisa is taking to this new life real well, Perkins observes.  She is embraces her inner power and changing her language to match how she feels, she now is talkin’ like a real cowgirl, and ready to kick some ass.  She even tried to slug me earlier today, that wasn’t like her, the gentle girl he married seems to have vanished, and she has made this change quickly, gettin’ tough in a hurry.

Perkins pours some water in the coffee pot and blows on the coals to get a flame, he loves making cowboy coffee at night, as the night air starts make you shiver, some boiling coffee after dinner is a good kick to keep going for a few more hours.

But Perkins also loves to think, or philosophizing as Lisa calls it.  “Lisa, you know what I’m thinking?”

She looks over at him with big open wide eyes, busy pulling some deer meat from the stew apart with her fingers and teeth.  She gives him the ‘I’m listening’ look.

Perkins looks at his normally primp and proper bride who’s got stew all over her fingers and laughs, she knows why he’s laughing to and gives him the finger, with the spoon gripped in her palm.  “I’m thinkin’ that your takin’ to bein’ a cowgirl real well,”  he says in a drawl voice, imitating her new cowgirl drawl.

She ignores him and shovels some more stew into her mouth and shrugs her shoulders, wondering what he is going to say next.  Being around horses has completely changed Lisa, she’s now cocky, ornery, outspoken, willful, quicker and meaner, she is becoming powerful.

Perkins thinks a little more then asks her, “What is power, Lisa?”

She looks at him whimsically and talks with her mouth full, “What the hell, I thought you were goin’ to propose we go do the dirty.  Power?   Hell if I know.”  She looks at the horse and points with her spoon, “Now there’s power for ‘ya.”

“Doesn’t that horse make you feel powerful?”  grinning Perkins asks seriously adding some for branches to the fire.  “When I took off on a gallop I felt like I just climbed into a Lamborghini, I felt like a race car driver that just strapped on a speed rocket after having walked for so many days.  Horses are power, they give you power to move faster.”

Lisa asks, “You goin’ somewhere with this?”  She’s impatient.  “You better be thinkin’ about me and not that mare’s ass!”  she mocks laughing with menace.  “Let me see, you are looking for power, you want power like you got with your horse.  But what you really need is a different kind of power.”  Lisa now understands what her man needs, he a revolutionary leader without a clue, “You need the ability to influence and direct people, so they get the job done for you.”

Perkins – “Go on.”

“Ok … that horse has muscle power, it amplifies what you want to do, which is to go over there – you can crawl, walk, run, or you can do it the easy way, ride the horse.  The horse is able to get you over there with ease, it has amplified your ability to get from here to there. The horse gives you power.

“But what you need is political power, that ain’t the same as horse power.  You are trying to do is be a revolutionary leader, your horse will expedite your adventure, but that horse can’t give you the kind of power you really need, you need to influence lots of people, that is political power.

“What you are trying to do is use brute force and burn down some Yahweh churches, and I will be glad to follow you from here to there and do exactly that.

“But that is only one church, you need a thousand churches burnt to the ground, and that still won’t fix the problem with the brainwashed sheep, they will only circle the wagons and treat you like a wild Indian attacking them, they are completely clueless as to their plight, you need to convince them to abandon the Bible, but they will never do that.”

Lisa throws her hair back and pulls down her dress shoulder straps, making her look real sexy by the flickering campfire, “What you need silly is some advice from a girl, you need some girl power!”

“What is girl power?”

“The power to influence and persuade.  Let me show you how easy it is for me to get you to do what I want, ok?”

“Yeah go ahead, but let me guess, you are going to strip, make me real horny so I fuck you, right?”

“Well in this case … no.”  Lisa has to do something different this time, she is already starting her normal strip tease routine, but Perkins called her out.  So she thinks real quick, for an example to illustrate girl power, then she calls her horse over as a distraction.

“What you need is the political power to persuade the peoples of the New States of America to abandon primitive religion and become rational about their existence, but they are convinced that they are being rational when they believe in god”

“Yahweh isn’t real, so what you must do is prove to them beyond any doubt that Yahweh isn’t real and the way to do that is do something to the Jews where they think they are invincible because they have divine protection, you must show everyone that they do not have divine protection and thus prove that this Yahweh god doesn’t exist -”

“Oh yeah,”  Perkins breaks in, “Like the Doolittle Raid of 1942.”  Perkins remembers when the US retaliated against the attack on Pearl Harbor by attacking outlying Japanese Islands casting doubt amongst the Japanese that their military could protect them.  It was a propaganda stunt.

“Yeah, like that doohicky raid whatever that was.  You need to do something of great propaganda purposes to convince the American people to join your side, and you don’t want them to circle the wagons against your position.”

“Makes perfect sense, babe, where did you learn that?” Perkins is amazed at her analytical powers.

“It’s like I said, girl power.  Girls are weaker than men, so they have millions of years of evolution perfect the art of persuasion.  So what you need to do is take out something that is normally considered invincible, like a police station.”

“Yeah that is brilliant, we take out a police station that is known for terrorizing and killing citizens.  Then not only will the police be served with a warrant for their upcoming executions, but we will be heroes for destroying a center of domestic terrorists who the American people hate and are terrified of, and they will see that the police are not invincible!”

“So all we need is a truck load of explosives which we don’t have.”  Lisa replies in dismay.

Perkins looks at her then her mare she is caressing, “Why can’t we do what you did to round-up the horses?”

“You mean get in the heads of the American people and tell them to come to us?”  Lisa replies.

“No, get in their heads and get them to blow up the police stations and burn down the churches.”  Perkins continues, “But that won’t work because there is a spell on their minds, a Yahweh spell, and they won’t do anything until the spell is broken.

“Maybe they actually don’t really believe in all that religious stuff, Americans are pretty practical about their existence, so maybe we are over thinking this, maybe we should just carry out the original plan.”

“Do you know what my gut tells me?”

“No,” Lisa says, “I can only read your mind, not your gut.”

“We burn down a Yahweh church and it will be a signal to the rest of the nation to open fire and engage the enemy.  People are waiting for a green light, they have armed, they are aware of what is going on, they are patiently waiting for the opening shot, the shot that is heard around the world, what the American people are waiting for is a Paul Revere on a horse who rallies the people to the cause.”

“What if that doesn’t work,”  Lisa asks.

Perkins – “We do something else, so long as we never get caught, the omnipotent power of the state will come in question, people will see that government is not invincible.  People will see they can fight and win, and once a whole lot of people start fighting, then the state will come down, because the state can only rule by consent, the revolution will prove they don’t have consent, then they will have to concede.”

“What we need to do is the midnight ride of Paul Revere, but this time it isn’t just from Boston to Lexington, it is across this vast nation, we need to revive the American people and get them to fight the system.

“Yeah that sounds right dear, and now we have horses. Lets go to bed, I need to persuade you to do something for me.”  Lisa pulls off her underwear and slingshots it at him, hitting him square in the face, laughing then runs for the tent with Perkins in hot pursuit.

Paul Revere Ride Map






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