Chapter 8 Why Hotties Are Crazy


hotness versus school

Perkins awakes from his stallion nuzzling his face, the horse he had spent chasing all afternoon and couldn’t catch was now his friend, he had made friends with him in a guided meditation with Lisa who was very well-trained in communicating with animals.  He stands up slowly and allows the horse to sniff the back of his hand then in about a minute this great animal allows him to bond and caress his side of its face.

to hot for god

He walks to the campfire, the stallion now dutifully follows, he can not believe that a horse could be caught so easily, but it wasn’t really caught, was it?  The horse was still free but now choosing to be with him, he wouldn’t even have to break it for riding.  This was epic, Perkins had been raised on a Montana beef ranch and thought he knew how deal with horses.  He now realized that dealing with horses with force was a poor way.

He also realizes that this must be what is wrong with society, the state uses forces against the citizens, the problem with America was the political model of giving authority to the state which then could use force, it even had a monopoly on the use of force, and when the state went from bad to worse –  it became a tyrant using force.  Giving the state your personal authority became a deadly mistake for the American people, now he had to lead a revolution to break the state and start over.

The Second American Revolution is the fight for freedom from the tyranny of the state, but more fundamental it is our conscious evolution as a specie where we decide what kind of government we should have and whether we even should give our authority to the state.  Maybe we should keep our guns, take our authority back, and cultivate hotness and freedom for life Perkins thought.

The two sides of the revolution must be defined, on one side are those that worship authority and on the other are the freedom fighters, who aren’t into following rules but into living, life, and hot sex, passionate about their existence.  Authority opposed hotness, in fact authority was well on its way to killing the human specie.

So Perkins surmised, freedom, fighting, whiskey, hot sex, passion, liberty go together while passivity, Christ worship, obedience, servility opposed them.  He figured those that wrote the myth, did so for the state, putting the population into a trance of obedience – the myth book called the Bible was a spell on the mass consciousness, it was how the state took power and authority from the people, thus the Bible was the real problem and those that taught it as truth were his greatest enemy, the Rabbis and preachers.

Such a circumstance would certainly make the people crazy, because humans are free spirits and corralling them is just like corralling wild horses, they will go crazy and try to break free and escape the control.  Thus confining free makes for crazy. 

Then Perkins had an insight, he dated hotties who were often crazy, sometimes batshit crazy, but they were hot.  Why were hotties crazy anyways, why weren’t they just hot?  He looked over at Lisa, who was brushing the mane of her new friend with a modified pine cone, and asks, “Why are hotties crazy?”

“Are you saying I’m crazy?”  Lisa looks at him, upset that he might think she is crazy, that pisses her off and she thinks you’ll pay later tonight for that remark!  Then Lisa says threateningly, “I ain’t crazy but I can show you crazy,”  laughing seriously like she knows exactly what real crazy is.

“I didn’t mean you.”  Perkins replies taking off his boots by the campfire.  “I was just thinking that all the girls that led to you were hot and crazy, some even certifiable, and I don’t understand why a girl can’t be hot and sane.”

“Philosophizing again, are we?”  Lisa replies in her Texas drawl voice.  “Why the hell are you thinking about that, this morning when we did it all you could think about was catching horses, now your back thinking about girls, hot girls, I would hope you are thinking about me since we just got fucking married!  You only fucked me twice far today, and it’s going to be dark soon, don’t look like you will be able to break your all time record.”

Perkins can see that catching and riding that horse had made her very aggressive like a real cowgirl, “Why are you so obsessed with how many times we fuck, are you keeping count?”  Perkins is perturbed at her constant need for fucking.

“Yeah I am, I don’t want to be some old woman some day who tells her friends that on their first week of marriage they only fucked once a day or twice a day, I want to say I fucked my hot husband five times every day for the first week of marriage.”

“What the hell are you talkin’ about woman, that’s impossible unless you are some pornstar freak, no one fucks that much – in fact you ruin fucking when you fuck too much.”  Perkins states emphatically.  “Most married couples only do it once a week or month … I read that somewhere.”

He decides if she can talk all smart alecky then so can he, “Anyways back to the question, why are you so fucking hot and so fucking crazy?”  He laughs so hard he fall off the back of the log, he knows she is going to punish him for that whippersnapper remark.

She stomps up to him and stands over him, straddling her legs over his torso, looking down on him like she’s going to piss on him.  “Listen, I ain’t no ‘ho and I ain’t ‘fucking crazy’, but I do like to fuck because of how it makes me feel.”  She sits on top his legs drooped over the sittin’ log so he can’t get up, she’s got him now.    The two horses stand on either side – staring at these two crazy humans.

“Let’s talk about hot fucking and crazy hot girls and what is really going on.  Why are hot girls crazy?  I will tell you exactly why, because I am that girl, or was.  I was raised by devout Catholic believing parents who told me I had to save myself for Jesus, but I was hot, twice hotter than I am now when I was sixteen.  When I was sixteen I was so fucking hot the fire alarms went off when I walked down the halls of Saint Marys High School.   Every man drooled, including the priests, I saw them staring at me all the time with pure lust.

Perkins looks at her seriously,  “I don’t doubt that, you must have had some internal conflict about not being allowed to have sex … but your body, especially your body, was blessed with a double dose of hotness!”

“You got that straight, cowboy, there was no way I wasn’t going to fuck and be the hottest fuck that ever was fucked.  So of course I found just the right boy and we did it right in the hallway of school between the two open locker doors, but we got caught and I was sent to a reform school.

“Society said I was crazy, so don’t ever call me crazy!”  Lisa balls up her fist and aims it at his face.  “I ain’t crazy, I’m fucking hot as hell, that is just the way I am, I was born that way, and fuck all these people who say hot is bad.  They are fucked in the head, sex is good, hot sex is better, and I am hottie hot stuff and the rest of the world can get fucked!” she bends over and yells at him.

“So when I was 18 I ran away from the reform school that was killing me, I then became a stripper and I did the Catholic girl strip routine, it was fun, watching my former principal watch me strip out of the Catholic school girl outfit, all that shit they taught me was utter b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t.  People love hot especially people who are oppressed by some religion that teaches you to suffer and not be hot!”  She starts to strip to prove that she is a professional.

“I am wild and I am hot, just the way Nature made me, and I flaunt it because it is me, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I am the hottest babe on this loser planet, and like these horses, I don’t want to be roped and corralled, I want to be free to be wild!”  She takes off her top and pushes her breasts together, “Ain’t it a shame that soon I will be havin’ your offspring and then these will get bloated and sag eventually and then I’ll be fat.”

While she continues her strip routine, Perkins sits back up and has a momentous insight, hot girls are going crazy because of the culture.  Hot girls are wild, like wild horses, they don’t want to be bridled, they want to be hot and desired and have hot sex and a good time.  And the reverse must be true.  There are also people who don’t mind being corralled and domesticated, like Christians, who don’t mind the Bible confinement, they are perfectly happy be minions in the belly of the beast.  The sheeple.

Thus the reason him and Lisa didn’t like the Bible or authority is because they are wild and hot.  Thus the Bible is a book used to corral humans and domesticate them and turn them into cows – dull beasts that get milked by the state.  Why be a cow when you can be a wild mustang?

Lisa peels down her shorts, the horse riding and her hotness speech had made her crazy horny, so they do it right there, with the horses looking on, who don’t care if humans are naked or fucking.  When they get done, Perkins decides they should both go for a horse ride, bareback.  This he excels, and because he made friends with the stallion, he is quickly able to mount up, with nothing but rope bridal tied to an old bit they picked up at the ranch.

Perkins gets his horse under control and rides up to Lisa waiting for him on her mare, he makes that whippersnapper remark again as a tease and takes off galloping down the hill with Lisa giving chase, she yells, “That’s only three times so far today!”



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