Chapter 6 Whiskey Drinking Angels


Whiskey Angel Whore

They pass the whiskey around, it was going to be a good night,  they wuz goin’ to git good and drunk, who knows what revelations might be comin’.  They had guns, women, and whiskey, hell yeah!  It was time to get god and drunk and celebrate that they had survived World War 3 and everything thus far, who knows what lie ahead, life is short, and only the good die young.


“Whadaya thinkin’ Perkins,” the Gunner asks stumblin’ back from to big of a swig.  “Commands knows everything, including where we are god dammit, Skynet even knows what he will do next!”

“What?”  Perkins is alerted by what he said, “They know what we are going to do next?”

“Yeah, and not just that, they are takin’ pictures of us and our progress.”

“How the hell are they doing that?”  Perkins asks the group.

“Drones, its got to be drones that we can’t see, lookin’ down on us as if we are ants.”  Lisa says imitating country drawl, “Git me some more rabbit, that is good.”  Lisa pours a little whiskey on the rabbit meat so it tastes better and isn’t so dried out.  “Why didn’t I start livin’ like this earlier, this is the best way to live, bein’ out here, makin’ love under the moonlight, doin’ things I’d never tell my mother and some god damn flying robot is filming me as my Ma watches!  Fuck!  Them drones might make me a prude.”

The gunner fetches another newspaper from the gift pack, he shows it to them, it got a picture of Perkins in a cowboy outfit and Lisa in a wedding gown fleeing the ISIS attack running across the Montana landscape.

Perkins – “Give me that!  He grabs the paper out of the Gunners hand, grabs the whiskey bottle from Lisa and takes a swig wiping his mouth dry with the back of his hand, that ain’t us, we aren’t in Montana, and I pulled Lisa’s dress off before we made a run for it!”

Lisa grabs his arm and the paper, I never wore that necklace or those shoes, she ribs Perkins real hard in his ribs, “Howz come you didn’t notice what I was wearin'”  She pissed that Perkins doesn’t remember what she wore on her wedding day.

Perkins looks at her like what the fuck – are you some dumb ass chick?  He laughs and that only makes her madder.  She takes a swing and misses as Perkins ducks with lightning fast reflexes, Perkins remembers the shoe, when this mare gits in a mood, get ready to duck!  “Babe, this image is all fake, CGI or something, it ain’t us, they are making these news pictures on the computer for propaganda purposes, we ain’t even close to Montana!”

Lisa grabs the paper, she’s pretty drunk so her movements are exaggerated, she holds the newspaper to close to her face making everyone laugh, the Gunner trips over a burning stick and it propellers into the paper catching it on fire, they quickly stomp it out, the newspaper is now barely readable, all black from dirt and boot prints.

Perkins points to the paper, “See that.”   He points to the cowboy hat he doesn’t own.  “How come you didn’t notice that!”  mocking her.

“Oh yeah, this is all fakery.” She throws the newspaper into the fire, they rush to retrieve it and have to stomp on it again.  They are all laughing real hard, the newsprint is a crumpled burnt mess.

Perkins says, “Damn, we need more whiskey.”  The Gunner retrieves two more bottle, funny you should ask.  The Gunner high fives Jeffries like they know he was going to ask that question.

“Ok, what the fuck is goin’ on, what do you know?”

The two other men act like it was nothing.

Perkins is in another mood thinking about how they need to get going on this adventure, he blurts out:  “Damn we need some horses, fuck this walkin’ shit!”

“Funny you should ask, we saw some strays on today’s hunt.”  The Gunner replies and he and Jeffries high five it again.

“What the fuck?”  Perkins looks at them, “Tell me or I’ll kick your ass!”  The Gunner pulls out of his pocket a computer printout with a list of Skynet predictions of what Perkins would say or do and where they were going and what first moves they would make igniting the revolution.

Perkins and Lisa sit on the sittin’ log by the firepit, they study the printout,  “The Radar gave you this, right? It says we are going to go north on the West side of Denver and head into Wyoming.

They get out the maps in the gift package, they find out where they are and they projected route Skynet is predicting for their route.  Lisa points to the Denver International Airport.

“That’s the DIA,” the Gunner states, he’s standing in front of the couple looking at what they are looking at.

Lisa reacts to the word “DIA”.  “That’s it, that’s the place, I know it —”



The Gunner interrupts her, “That’s where ISIS entered Colorado.”

Perkins, “What?”

Jeffries – “They infiltrated the States via Deep Underground Military Bases Tunnel system.  The Radar told us to stay away.”

Perkins grabs Lisa’s hand, “You know this place?”

“Yeah, I think, I think I was trained there.”

“Woah.  Maybe we should stay away … or maybe we should investigate.”  Perkins ponders this, “No, we should not go there, it is probably a Zion fortress.”

“Who’s running this country, anyways?”  Jeffries asks.

“That’s a good question,”  Perkins shrugs his shoulders, he looks at the Gunner, “It’s imperative that we don’t get captured by the Zionists.”

“This country is really fucked,”  Perkins takes another sip of whiskey and gives the bottle to Lisa, “What do you think goddess?”

Lisa -“The computer says we are the ones that start the revolution, why are we running and not acting?”

Perkins – “We just got married for Christ’s sake, and we don’t have a plan or a clue as to what target we should hit first or where to ride out the winters, we have to survive first, then once we figure our a way to survive, and hide from the drones, we can start partisan action.”

Gunner – “You know the first target is boss, you told us back on bomb run Israel.”

Jeffries – “What bomb run?”  nervous that he’s in over his head with these outlaws.

Perkins looks Jeffries, his leadership role kicks in, “We are the ones that bombed Israel.  I am the one that decided Jerusalem was an alpha priority target, along with Mecca and Dimona and Tel Aviv University.”

“And Megiddo,”  Lisa chimes in.

Gunner – “You know what to do boss.”

Perkins – “Yeah, I do, don’t I?  I know exactly what target we must take out first.  The Yahweh cults and I know which one to hit first, God’s Promise Ministries in North Idaho.”

Lisa grabs the Skynet printout, “That’s what it fucking says, holy fucking Christ!”

“Why that one,”  Jeffries asks.

Perkins – “Because it is an ADL run cult.”

“What’s the ADL?”  Lisa asks.

“Jew propaganda machine intelligence outfit, they are the ones behind the terror war on the American people, they are the ones that trained the police to kill Americans as if we are cows, they are the ones sponsoring the Yahweh cults, and if we could we would strike their operations center back east.”

“Why would you want to hit that church?”  Jeffries asks, taking a sip of courage.

“Because Yahweh is the problem with America, Yahweh is the god of the Jews, a war god, a meme or idea that is used to develop supremacy in the mind of the believer, so long as people believe in the Jew god they will be easily controlled by the Jewish supremacists, … , so to free our people we must take out the churches that teach this asshole god as the true god, he’s not real, not true, not nice – Yahweh is only a mental projection of Jewish behavior.”

“So when do we hit it?” the Gunner asks.

“Summer, this summer.”  Perkins thinks a moment, “We hit on June 6th, that’s 6 6 and 6-6-2015 or 6-6-15 or 6-6-1 plus 5 or 6-6-6, 666!”

Lisa is studies the printout, “That’s what this fucking sheet says, 6 Jun 2015!”

Perkins looks at the Gunner, “We need them horses, tomorrow we round ’em up!  Then we ride like hell for North Idaho, we spend May getting ready then we start the burning the churches down in June.   It’s time we free America from the Jew predators and North Idaho is where the fight starts.  Fuck yeah!”

Lisa looks at the Gunner, “Time for the HooRa …  3,2,1”  then they all stand and yell “HOOOOOO RAHHHHHH!





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