Chapter 5 The Hotness of Passion


bohemian hottie

Perkins is upset, he just woke up and Lisa is not in bed.  He immediately calls her name and doesn’t hear a response, he fears she took off.  God dammit where is she?  He steps out of the tent and his lovely new bride Lisa running barefoot to him with a hot cup of Joe.  Thank god, she’s still here, Perkins silently blesses the situation before him, staring at her hot body wrapped in Bohemian garb like a wood nymph and she’s bring him coffee.

He warmly receives her feigning happiness because just a moment ago he was not happy, he was in fear.  He is very attached to her now, they made love five times yesterday, a new world record for him.  Lisa is his new bride, the hottest woman on the planet, she is channeling the Goddess and Perkins is the leader of the New American Revolution, she is teaching him what this revolution is really about.  Passion.


Perkins sips his coffee, stretching in the brisk morning air, living outside does something to the body, it makes you strong, wired tight, tanned, alert, and most of all wild.  Perkins grins deviously at Lisa, who is standing next to him, “We really fucked out brains out yesterday, didn’t we?”

“Yes, honey,” Lisa replies taking hold of his powerful arm and pressing herself into him.

“How’d many times yesterday?  Five or Six?”  Perkins questions not really remembering such epic boning.

Lisa states, “Five times.”

Perkins hoped she’d say six.  Wow, I really was like that mouse that fucks itself to death, Perkin muses to himself about his accomplishment, then suddenly realizes that since Lisa can read his thoughts, she picked up on what he said at the campfire to the boys last night when they were fighting, so she did fuck him like that mouse.  She delivered exactly what he joked about as punishment.

Lisa smiles as he reaches the inevitable conclusion of action and reaction, he must never demean her, she is his wife after all.

“How many days we’ve been married, five or six?” ask Perkins.

She kicks him with heel, “Four!”  Lisa steps in front of him and looks him straight in the eye, “I am not thinking of leaving, I am not going to leave, I am your wife you big dummy!”

Perkins stares back and stammers, she knows I feared her leaving, she read my exact thoughts when I woke up and didn’t see her in bed, “That’s good … I think,” grinning slightly so she can see he got her good.

Lisa knees him lightly in the crotch, “You fucker!”  and pushes him back into the tent for more fucking, more punishment by fucking administered by the sex goddess.

Perkins pulls her on top then in one move rolls over on top of her, holding her down with his weight while she gives him come fuck me eyes.  He realizes that she has the energy to fuck him to death, so now he has to regulate his sexual appetite, she is a five course meal that is always hot and ready.

“So how far away can you read my thoughts?”  Perkins states nose to nose staring down his psychic hottie he has pinned.  He’s not going to let her up until she squeals, he presses into her further forcing air out of her lungs.

“I don’t know, but far.”  Lisa tries to breathe as she answers his question, now she knows she’s been a little naughty and unethical.

“Well your trespassin’ on my thoughts, what fun is it to be with you if you can read all my thoughts?  My thoughts are mine and you gotta stop lookin’ inside my head, alrighty then?”  Perkins says aggressively.

He lets up, pushing her shoulders with his hands and lets her breathe, “Can you turn it off?”

“Yes,”  she says timidly.

“Ok then, lets git some more coffee – you spilt mine.”

They get to the campfire and have to stoke it, the boys left them a note saying they’ll be back at dark, they went hunting for the day.  The Gunner is teaching Jeffries how to hunt, and how to be a man.  Lisa and Perkins now have the day to themselves, and the energy is completely different from yesterday, it’s a new day for new realizations.

Lisa asks, “Are you still mad at me?”

“No.”  Perkins states, Perkins sits on a fair-sized log about six feet from the fire and pads the space next to him for her.  He takes a sip, his mind is not on sex, it is on the revolution and the process of how a revolution unfolds, he loves the metaphysics of the transformation that a society goes through when it evolves.

“I’m not mad, let’s talk about this mad passion we have for each other. Since we are the designated leaders then our hot passion for each other must be related to this revolution.  I know that revolutions are driven by passion, the human emotion of passion is what drives change,  let’s drink some coffee and talk about fucking and how it relates to the revolution.”

Lisa perks up, at least he wants to talk about fucking, he didn’t fuck me this morning, she is upset.

“The passion of the moment drives the revolution, this revolution, this new American Revolution is going to be about one thing and only one thing, a passion for liberty.  It might seem this is about guns or laws or states rights or foreign policy, it is about the human spirit expressing itself passionately.

“What everyone is missing is what really is at stake here, Christianity has killed real passion, and the revolution is re-flowering of human passionate expression which can be summed up in one word.  Hotness.  We are living ‘hot’ beings, with sex drives and lust for passionate experience.

“Christianity killed the human spirit, it subjugated men to the rule of law, and the state got busy building empire and turning everyone into slaves.  But we are not slaves, we can not be slaves or we will die out, humans are free and can only be free in order to thrive as a specie.

“This revolution will be the overturning of the reigning myth that killed society and turned Americans and the rest of the world into chattel of the bastard Rothschild, where everyone drones on, working, paying taxes to the behemoth state that is running a world empire for Jewish bankers.

“So those people who choose to live, we the living are going to drive this revolution with our passion, and we will be fucking the entire time, not after some revolution that may be completed at some undetermined date, but now.  The revolution is now, the revolution is hot, it is hotness, and we will raise the gods by hot fucking.

This talk about lots of fucking has excited his bride, who doesn’t really understand or care about all that guy passion of fighting.


“Christians are the walking dead, they are waiting to live in the next life, they are not living now, they are the real life Zombies that we war against.  Anyone who embraces a death cult religion and makes it their center is against us, because we are living now and not concerned about what happens after death.  Afterlife expectations and desires are for the animated corpses we call the sheeple.  That’s what I know, now tell me what you know about passion and revolution.”

Lisa gets up with her fire stick and points it at her pussy, she looks around and pulls down her skirt exposing her bra, teasing him, “You are the fucking revolution and this speech of yours is making me hot.”  She pours some hot coffee into this cup and intentionally spills some on his leg, to arose him and make him react to her.  She bends over exposing her uncovered ass as she retrieves a rag by the fire pit.  She wants to fuck, Perkins is making her horny with his revolution fucking speech, she wants some action and if they ain’t going to go war right now then they should fuck.

She decides to repeat what he just said, that way he’ll think I got it and was listening, “Now I know I chose right, you are like a god of the revolution.  What is the point in being alive if all you do is work and slave on, we have to follow our passions and desires and resist this slave system created by the banks and their political minions who sell us out for a few bucks.

“I now know my role, outside of completely supporting you, I now know based on what you just brilliantly just stated is that the women of this revolution must make themselves hot as hell for their men who will be fighting for this liberty and freedom.  We are alive and free and we will make ourselves smokin’ hot for you men who have the raw physical power to destroy this evil Joos system of subjugation.

“I will keep myself always hot for you, always ready to fuck for you, I will be the hottest wife for you and when I am not taking care of you I will be leading the women of this revolution and teaching them the art of passionate living.  We can clean the guns, we can make the lunches, we can keep the beds warm for the men who are going to end these awful Abrahamic religions and free humanity.”

“I am going to be the hottest Bohemian bitch on this planet.  We can build the best Bohemian wigwam that inspires other to live free and in a constant state of passion.”  She happily concludes her act seeing that Perkins approved of what she just said.

Perkins says  “Very good, now we are becoming clear in the roles we play in the revolution, the sun is up and it’s getting hot, let’s go down to the creek and spend the day there.”  They put the fire out and grab a pound of jerky and head down to the creek running fast from spring runoff, they spot a sun draped granite ledge, perfect for nude sunbathing.  Lisa is excited, he’ll for sure fuck me while we nude sunbath.

colorado spring runoff

The crystal clear water tastes good, he fills up their bottles.  Perkins estimates it’s getting close to noon and they decide to take a dip in the ice cold stream, Lisa is excited because now she knows that she can get out and get warm on the rock ledge, the temperature is in the mid seventies, a perfect mid April day.

They find a small pool about waste deep and carefully wade in the rushing water, the rocks are slippery and their feet start to go numb quickly.  Lisa’s skin is all goosebumps, Perkins notices her nipples are rock hard, but he can hardly get aroused because the freezing cold water shriveled up his nutsack like acorns.  Lisa laughs at his shrunk balls, which normally hang like a stallions.  Perkins gives her a look, like she’ll have to pay shortly for that, and she thinks she’ll gladly accepts the punishment, he hasn’t even fucked her yet this morning and it’s almost noon.

Perkins holds her hand and dips first, the forty two degree water gives him an instant headache, he immediately stands up drenched and wipes the icy clear water from his eyes.  Lisa looks at him, trying to get the courage to dip, he tells her it’s not as bad as she thinks, it’s all in the mind.  She agrees and forces her self under but her feet slip out and Perkins pulls her back up and embraces her, then carries her to shore like a bride.  They wipe the excess water off and walk on their frozen foot stubs to the sunny rock ledge.

He lays her down on the blanket and spreads her legs and proceeds to warm her up with his tongue, she groans with pleasure.  Her breast skin is tight and this really turns her on, she rolls her nipples as he licks her snatch and in no time she is ready to come, she’s delirious with pleasure, he slides his tongue up her belly and starts sucking on her hard nipples, biting them.

Lisa is so turned on that as soon as he enters her she has a mind-blowing orgasm, her eyes flicker in the back of her head, she was no longer getting laid by a creek side in the wilderness but in pure goddess ecstasy.

They fall to their backs and are overheated from fucking, the hotness of passionate moment overcame the coldness of bathing nude in the spring runoff just fifteen minutes prior.  There’s nothing like hot sex coming right out of the creek, you won’t mind the cold a bit.   Lisa rolls over and cuddles him after he dismounts and lays down on the flat granite,  “Well that was fucking awesome, you can do that to me anytime.  I think I said fuck and god about a thousand times.”

No man has every done this her, she is now one smitten kitten.   For the rest of the day she will not be able to keep her hands off of him, she is now stuck to his side like glue, and she doesn’t even realize this change in her behavior.

Perkins is so exhausted he can’t say much, after a half a minute he gathers himself up and engages her conversation, “Fucking is good and fucking is god, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  Did you notice that as your focus changed from being freezing cold to being orally stimulated that you forgot the cold and no longer felt cold?”

“Yeah, now I remember that I forgot to remember I was freezing my ass off in the creek.”  Lisa replies.  “So that’s what you mean when you said it was all in the mind.”

“Yes, your brain sends you a signal for that feeling, but when you changed your attention the pain of the cold disappeared almost instantly.  Think about that for a moment.  Once you realize that pain is a brain signal based on attention, then anytime you go in freezing cold water you can overcome the feeling of cold by simply putting your mind elsewhere, like mission accomplishment or in our case hot sex.  In fact any pain can be made to go away with mind discipline.”  Perkins explains.

“You didn’t actually know what I meant until the experience, your mind was not clear with my description of mind control until you had experiential evidence, experience is the real teacher.

Lisa – “You are so fucking smart, oh I said fucking, shouldn’t we fuck some more?”  They start kissing again and after a few minutes they are back at it.  They spend the rest of day eating deer meat and dipping in the cold water, this improves their lust for each other.  About five in the afternoon they return to the campfire totally invigorated, with more energy than they started the hike.  Lisa stokes the fire, “So far that’s four times, can we break yesterday’s record?”

“You’re a little nympho aren’t you?”  Perkins grins, “And your mine.”  They sit cuddled by the campfire and at dark the Gunner returns just like the note said, he’s carrying a new pack laden with supplies, they greet and sit around the campfire with the ‘news’, they also had a big day.  Jeffries shot his first game, a cottontail which he proudly displays, he also cleaned it by himself.

Jeffries is unconcerned about giving Lisa attention, his attention is now focused on cooking the rabbit he harvested and cleaned, he has a new focus, he is learning a new way to be and leaving his past behind.

The Gunner tells them they just happened to meet the Radar Navigator who gave them the pack. Command knows everything they are doing, and sent them some supplies which they haven’t opened yet.  They unpack and find two full bottles of whiskey plus all kinds of supplies the squadron chipped in for them – it’s a non official care package, Command can disavow any help.

Yoo hoo it was going to be a good night, whiskey, guns, and pussy, what could be better than that?  Perkins thinks.

Lisa digs her claws into his biceps when he thinks ‘pussy’ and whispers into his ear, anytime, she is unconcerned about giving the former gay Jeffries any attention, Perkins did her like no other man, she is hanging onto him as if she just met god, and this sex god is her man.

Perkins takes the first crack at the wicked hot Yukon Jack cinnamon laced whiskey, then passes the bottle to Lisa who takes a baby sip, then the Gunner and Jeffries.  All is well, and the Gunner continues with the news, Command knows everything and he hands Perkins the latest newspaper headlines, him and Lisa are on the front page, their journey is being published and the nation watches their progress.

Perkins tells the group, “It don’t get any better than this.”  They all had the best day of their lives and now they can get smashed, drinks are on the house.



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