Chapter 4 Hotness Myth On



Perkins is pissed about his new wife keeping information from him, and he intends to whip her secrets out of her, his survival may require any information she has buried.  He joked with the boys at camp and she took off ashamed, they are in the middle of the Colorado wilderness, he can’t let her stray far, he catches up to her about 30 yards away, he brought some smoked venison for them.

natural girl

He gives her some but she won’t eat.  “Do you know why I am mad with you?”

She nods lightly, afraid to raise his anger, “Yes,” Lisa says meekly.

“What else are you keeping from me?” he asks.

“I don’t know,” the tears roll down her cheeks, she is upset that her husband is angry with her, she is not a good wife, and she can’t remember who trained her.

Perkins realizes he overreacted, “You didn’t have time to tell me, but wanted to, right?”

She nods.  He gives her a big hug and pulls her into his chest, she cries into his arm muscles.  “I overreacted, forgive me.”  Perkins says holding her head against his chest.  He maintains this posture until she looks up into his eyes, she studies his face in the low light to determine if he is sincere, and she determines that he is.

He leads her to the spot the Gunner had picked out for them to camp that night, they quickly put up their wigwam, which only takes a few minutes, she holds a candle while Perkins spreads the sheets on the pine needle bed, and hoists the makeshift tent.  He takes her inside to finish the setup while he stakes off the canopy, then goes back to the campfire for next day planning with the boys.

Lisa sits in the tent and ponders what do next, she makes the bed area but not with enthusiasm.   She feels safe, but her husband’s raw power scared her.  At least he apologized.  But the damage is done, it will take more makeup sex to get over this, but she not into sex at that moment, her hotness is now off.  She realizes that she has to cope with the situation, she has to allow him to be the man, the leader and she needs to support him, god dammit she must not think of herself and she must support the leader – her husband!

Perkins makes it back to his nest with her after a half hour.  He peeks inside the tent, she is still there but only the back of her hair is visible, she didn’t greet him.  This is bad and he needs to fix this.  He stands outside the tent and stares at the moon through the fir canopy.  Fuck!  He caused this by his overreaction and now he has alienated his new bride.  Fuck!  God dammit!   He’s angry at himself.

At that point Perkins makes a resolution, never overreact because it only makes any situation worse. Leadership is defined by mature behavior of the leader, the leader can not allow emotions to rule, because that will only make difficulties worse.  He ponders the situation a bit more and the cold night air forces him into the wigwam.  He stays dressed and crawls under the covers and snuggles up to her, she is partly dressed.  After a few moments of studying the strands of her hair in the flickering candle light he whispers “You still awake?”  into her mass of hair.

She carefully rolls over, but doesn’t respond.  She puts her hands against his chest and meets her lips against his – at first the lips just lightly touch, she holds that for an intolerable twenty seconds then she lightly starts to bite his upper lip, then she licks his lips until he lets her tongue.

The tongues meet, he tastes her scent, and caresses her face with the back of his hand, then he puts his hand gentle on her shoulder and rests it there.  He should let her follow her instincts knowing he shouldn’t do anything.  He lets her make up, he lets her healing feminine energy erase the emotions of his overreaction.

She slips off her bra and panties, this is her signal to him that they are going to fuck – no matter what.  She helps him remove his clothes with getting up, they kick their clothes to the bottom of the bed into an interlaced pile – just as they are.  The both lay on their sides facing one another.

The shitty situation between them is now being repaired, and both want this healing to take place, their intention is healing, and the body of energy between them, the thing that makes them one thing is healed and comes back to life, re-energized.

krystle lina make up sex

As they kiss, the heat between them slowly starts to build, the trust between them starts to flow back and become the dominant consciousness between them, the one consciousness, which is a real body of energy that now envelopes both of them. They both can feel this transformation, it is overwhelming positive of the light between their two souls, and it is so comforting that they wonder why they ever allowed themselves to leave this space.

Their marriage has been reaffirmed and strengthened, they survived this mini breakup.  In minutes they are back in love with one another, in the oneness of their marriage, a real energy field of their two souls intertwined gives them the feelings of love.  Now Lisa brings this healing process up to the conscious level, she whispers an apology, “Honey, I should have told you earlier,” stating the obvious but making it legally binding.

Perkins responds in kind, “It wasn’t your fault, I am really sorry that I scared you,” responding on the conscious level even though no conscious apology was needed after they repaired the soul oneness.  Verbal apology is only for the benefit of the human ego, not nearly as real as the energy itself.

Lisa gradually morphs from her depressing moping mode into her sex kitten mode, she pulls her body on top of his. She now starts kissing him passionately, pressing her breasts and erect nipples into his chest.  Her lower body starts into motion of fucking, arousing their energy to a higher level.

Perkins can no longer stand the attention so he pulls her open and enters her.  She gasps.  He squeezes her breasts, pinching her nipples arousing her lust.  Their lower chakras now fully connected and their tongues tied, the intense sexual energy around each other flows in a completed circuit.  The heat builds.

She knows that to seal the deal she has to have makeup sex and release all the pent-up energy between them.  This bound energy is also very real, it is a real sexual tension between them like a shock cord that has been wound up and spinning at the speed of light.  This energy is extremely powerful and is being generated by their bodies, it is the life force energy of the Universe.

She knows she has to fuck him like he has never been fucked before, she has to take all of her skills and training and apply them with precision, as the hottest woman on the planet and as the most loving wife one could attain and still be in body.  She must use her hotness for healing.

Perkins rolls her over and mounts her, pressing her legs forward and apart to get maximum penetration.  Now she must let the male dominate her with his sexual power.  She surrenders her mind and body into the moment, becoming fully complete, fully feminine, pure receptive energy as he ejaculates into her as deep as he can.  He momentarily loses consciousness, his mind shuts down in the moment of passion.

Sexual intercourse was a fast track to healing with this dynamic duo, they lay next to each other bare without the covers, the sweat rapidly evaporates into the dry cold night air.  Slowly their breathing returns to normal and the chill gets them to pull the covers up, they barely notice the cool temperatures, now acclimated to their environment.

She nests in his arms facing outward toward the tent opening, their positions now reversed.  She turns and kisses him frequently, giving him the signal that she is ready for more sex.  They are both wide awake, their tiredness gone from having hot sex.

Perkins wonders out loud, “What just happened?  All I could think about after the fight was confrontation, now all that energy is gone, gone like the wind.  We were at odds now we are in each others arms, how can that be?”

“I saw the light again,” Perkins continues, “Did you see it?”


“What is it?”  Perkins inquires.

Lisa – “It is your energy field, your aura, and when you have sex, I mean, hot sex, sometimes you can see it when conditions are right.  It is you, it is the real you.”

“What do mean, the real me?”

“Just what I said.  That light is you, it is the primal energy of the Universe, and by some magical means it exists in our bodies, or animates our bodies.”

“Are we in a hologram, and that light a projection of that?”

“Sure – that is a good explanation that humans could assign to the phenomenon right now, but if you just surrender your mind and feel an answer, not with your brain, but with your emotion, heart, you can believe that we are light and that light exists forever.”

Perkins – “I’ve read about this in New Age books, you saying it’s real?”

“What is real?  Lisa laughs.  “This insane world or the light?  Well you saw the light in our hands when we made love.”  Lisa puts her hand into his.   “I don’t see the light now, maybe we were hallucinating.”

“I see your point, the light is more primal, it is on par with the basic four forces of  the Universe and elementary particles, and the world we have created is unreal – endless suffering based on bad myth!

“Wow, I see your point now, we suffer because of the myth we all chose to believe, if we choose a new myth, a positive one, then we could live and love, and be true to ourselves and be hot.”

“Exactly, what kind of world do you want, what kind of girls do you want for that matter, do you want to live in world full of hotties or a world full of dull plain Janes who only want to read the Gospel of John?”  Lisa exclaims.

bedsheet tent 2

Perkins, “So it makes sense that there is a form of light more fundamental than the electromagnetic force, it is what we are, and matter a slowed down version of it.  I like that explanation, light is the spirit of the matrix and matter arises from the matrix – we arose from the matrix.  So what happens when we die?”

Lisa – “Nothing, the light continues on, it’s still there I suppose.”

“Where does it go?” – Perkins.

Lisa  – “There is nowhere to go, just like the situation we are in now, there is really no destination, you go where you want, and have whatever experience you desire.”

“So what about judgment, hell and all that?”  Perkins asks.

Lisa – “All fabricated theology of fear, created by the Priest for purposes of control, no reality for you in the next life, but real to you in this life if you believe it, because your actions will be based in fear and thus incorrect actions.  If you act like hell is real, guess what?  You create hell for yourself.  The real trick is to act in love all the time and give the middle finger to the theists.”

Perkins laughs, “Maybe I should give you the finger.”

Lisa puts her top leg forward, “Ok, that sounds good.  A moment later,  “Oh yeah, that feels good.”

“Are you always this wet?”  Perkins asks.  They get hot again and wreck their bed in rough love-making.   They collapse spread eagle naked on the pine needles outside their destroyed wigwam, cooling their overheated bodies.

“How come I’m not tired?” Perkins asks as they make the bed.  “When I showed before we made up, I was really tired but now I feel like new, how can that be?”

Lisa  – “Obviously the sex is charging us.”

Perkins – “So if we are light, and religion bad myth, why don’t we just be light and forget myth?

“Sure, and that would be the new myth…”

Perkins cuts her off,  “What’s the new myth,”

“Light, that we are light,” are you even listening honey?

Perkins, “Oh, I see, myth is whatever we choose to believe with proof unlike science, it doesn’t even matter if true of not, provable or not, just that we believe it.”

Lisa – “Now you got it.” She’s still horny and starts stoking his cock, but not having much luck.

“How do we know if you’re right?” Perkins asks again.

Lisa – “Well look at the current myth, is it right?  Not a chance.  Do people believe it?  Yes.  Do they act on it?  Yes.  Do they war on it?  Yes.  Myth is real, you can see with your own eyes the power of myth, you can see with own eyes the reality of a myth for power that we currently have dominating the world.”

Perkins, “So why don’t we write a new myth where Satan wins and fucks Yahweh in the ass for all eternity?”

Lisa – “We could, but what would be the point but more vengeance, that would be a continuation of the Yahweh myth. The solution is to change the myth to positive, we are light and love.”


“Yeah that sounds real New Agey, and real faggy, but I do agree we should trash the Bible and start over, why not believe in no myth?

Lisa – “Would that not be a myth?”

Perkins – “That’s ridiculous…”

She flips his soft cock around, this is what is ridiculous.  “Are you going to cowboy up or not?”  Lisa complains, sexually frustrated with his sudden lack of male performance.

“Hey we did it four times today, the horse needs a rest.” Perkins sighs.

“Yeah … well this mare needs to get ridden again, how about I show you the power of mouth?”

“Do you believe you can get me hard again with your mouth, now that’s a myth I can believe in.  Myth on!”





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