Chapter 3 Some Girls Are Hot


hot nun still ain't getting none

The two lovers, who have only married for three days, head toward the new camp.  Lisa had just taught Perkins an important lesson about hotness and what it is to be hot.  She demonstrated that sex in the missionary position was for people who were not hot, and that a hottie was into hot sex.

Lisa was the hottest woman on the planet, and she was channeling the goddess energy, she needed to keep instructing Diesel Perkins on what the real agenda of the revolution was about.  She now changed the topic, “What do you think of Christian girls, Diesel?”

hottest woman can not be a believer

“I don’t,” says Perkins.

“Why not?”  Lisa inquires, starting a new line of thought.

“Well, I guess it’s because I am not attracted to them.”  Perkins wonders why she would ask this.  “I’m not thinking of cheating on you,” he replies defensively.

“No, dear  I didn’t think that, … I’m just wondering why you don’t think Christian girls are hot.”

“Well I’ve seen some that might be hot, but they are never the hottest, plus I don’t want to get involved with a Bible believer, there’s something about them that is off, like they all work for some off world sinister organization.”

Lisa – “Well that is a very good observation.  They all work for Rothschild – yet don’t know it.”

“Rothschild got taken out by Russia a month ago, so we don’t have to worry about Christians anymore – or do we?”  Perkins states, understanding she is going somewhere with this thought train.  “So obviously they are still a problem or you wouldn’t have brought it up, correct?”

“That is correct, what Rothschild represented will be replaced, he was the tip of the Christian spear of power, now that he is gone the system will reorganize because the energy of millions of Christians is still present – and perhaps growing, nuclear war forced consciousness into a more conservative position, fear of the unknown fate of mankind may drive more people into religious belief systems.”

“Or maybe people will abandon Christianity after their savior failed to appear,”  Perkins quipped.

“Let us hope they start giving it up, you know that Rothschild was never the real problem,  he never had any power until everyone gave the state power when they turned their personal authority over to the Christ.  There is no Christ, but there was a system organizing around that energy,  Rothschild just happened to capture control of a whole planet full of Christians because his central banks subverted Western governments to his control.

christian girls

“The Christian western nations all became assets of Rothschild, but even with him gone and all the debt liquidated the problem remains, the Christian mythos is still driving state power because Christianity is a mind spell in which individuals voluntarily relinquish personal authority and turn it over to the state.  That problem has not gone away and can not go away until the myth is busted.

“Because state authority allows power to be concentrated, the most ruthless people will always gravitate toward the center of that power.  It is no coincidence that nation states are run by psychopaths, it is an inevitable result of concentrating power in the hands of a few.  It was completely predictable that the Western world would have this ending, the mythos created state power and the power corrupted until psychopaths forced a confrontation with Russia, a nation that resisted Rothschild system of usury.”

She is following him, Perkins stops for a water break.  He pulls her over to a log he selects, then sits across from her on a rock.  “So this is all very interesting, but how does the system of power, the real Christ, have anything to do with Christian girl hotness?”

“Well be patient, I’m getting there!”  Lisa is upset that he is a typical guy that doesn’t want to listen to the girl.  “Be patient, sweetheart, I promise I am going somewhere with this.”

“Ok, cut to to the punchline, why are Christian girls less hot than other girls, who don’t believe.  Perkins stares at her, he can she is getting upset at his impatience, then he has a flash insight, “Oh, I get it!  It’s the belief, right?  The belief system is killing hotness,” smiling, happy with his realizations.

“Exactly, Christianity kills hotness, in fact Christianity was carefully designed to do that.  Those that wrote the myth wanted the sexual energy of the populace directed toward the growth and maintenance of the state.”  Lisa explains then continues, “Have you ever noticed that some girls are so hot, however, that the Christian program is unable to squash their hotness?  Some leave the cult, shunned, but they retain their hotness.  Have you noticed that?”

“They don’t necessarily intuit that the religion is killing them, but they get out, acting on their feelings and gut instincts.  Their hotness is strong enough to overcome the program that is killing them inside.  This can be dangerous for a woman because she can be cut off from her support group. This is why the spell must be broken, Christian girls need liberation, they need to come out of myth, they need salvation from Jesus.

The problem with women is that they are wired to trust men and authority, the weaker of the two sexes will always trust the man in the nice suit.  Most women will cave to the system, they might eventually intellectualize their feelings, but they stay with the system, perhaps pretending to be the good little Christian wife or daughter.

Perkins replies, “Jesus can not save them because there is no Jesus, saving themselves for Jesus is ridiculous.   Praying to Jesus won’t get you laid or make you hot, right?”

woman praying in church

Lisa – “Praying to god binds your mind to the mythos, there is no god listening, or cares what you pray for.  Pray for this or that it makes no difference, the Universe is an automatic thought duplication machine, whatever you think you draw toward yourself.  Thinking about, or praying to Jesus will increase synchronicites with other like minds, it will make you believe more, it just becomes a self deception.

“Jesus will never make you hot, believing in an afterlife god is putting your mind into your future, your impending death, thus afterlife focused religions keep you from believing in yourself – and living in the present moment.  Life is now, you are now in the now, and Nature compels you to be hot because your life is about living and being hot is life.”  Lisa concludes her thoughts.

Perkins replies, “Exactly, we think alike, we must embrace life and live, god can take care of himself, and we must take care of ourselves.  What really concerns me about Christian girls is their allegiance to authority, for instance I wouldn’t want to date a Christian girl in Mormon territory that would turn me in for smoking pot.  Tell me why authority worship negates hotness.”

“First of all, Christian girls do not know how they are being subverted and then subjected to the cult of authority.  Most don’t know until it is to late to change, they have so much invested in reading and studying the Bible, in church worship and service, their friends and relationships are in their church so if they ever figure out that they’ve been conned it is very hard for them to leave.  Regardless, some do, and guess which ones are the most likely to leave?”

Perkins – “The hot ones, right?”


“Yes the hottest ones that are being true to their core being will leave first, they may not be able to articulate why they have to leave, they just feel it and know it.  If they are really hot they may run away, but they risk running with boy wolves and becoming drug addicts or alcoholics, but they risk that penalty to be free and hot.

“When a hottie runs, in a desperate attempt to flee this insane Christian society that negates your very being, she can go crazy.  Crazy and hot go together, they are one in the same because of the culture.  It is often said that ‘a hottie is always right, because a hottie is hot’, and the reason for this is that the girl maintaining her integrity won’t allow any disagreements into her consciousness – because she knows that if someone is able to get to her then her hotness is finished.

“Being hot is being true to oneself, being hot is maintaining personal integrity, being hot prevents you from being subverted by that which is outside of self.  Being hot means you are not going to let belief in Jesus get in the way of getting laid, having hot sex, or doing whatever the fuck they want to.

“The problem also can arise that some hot Christian wives can go a bit crazy because their behavior conflicts with their belief system.  You can’t be true to Jesus when your cheatin’ on him.  Christians are being taught to completely give themselves over to the Lord, which is really state authority, or call it Jewish power or Rothschild.  So any Christian girl completing her DNA programming will be up against her religious indoctrination.”

“Yeah, that really makes sense to me,” Perkins interjects, “It’s the DNA programming of evolution against the memetic programming of the religious memeplex.”

smokin hot chick IS A WILLFUL CHICK

“Exactly, one or the other will become dominant, otherwise you risk becoming crazy.  So now can you see how dating a Christian girl has risk of connecting to authority?” Lisa explains, “The Christian has been programmed to not just accept authority into their heart, they have not just been trained to obey authority blindly, they have been trained to assist authority in the rule of law.”

Perkins injects, “Obviously that is a problem because the state is corrupt and law not moral.  Christians also have a built in complex to obey even when obeying is morally wrong, like going to fight immoral wars or enforcing drug laws.  But when you think about it, law was never moral and never could be, because law is state coercion and thus wrong from the get go.

“Most Christian don’t understand how snitching their neighbors out to the state destroys society, no one should ever rat out their neighbor, ever, because the state is the enemy.  But Christians can’t see the enemy, because of their programming, they have allegiance to the very thing that will destroy them.

“Once an individual caves to state authority they are finished, and they might as well jump off the cliff to be with Jesus.  Their lives end when they obey, their entire existence becomes phony, a charade, a comedy of personal debasement.  This is why the Christians seem so shallow, they are living inauthentic lives because they have negated self in favor of state.

“So to get out of their predicament, Christians abandon reason and move into blind belief, believing anything the state tells them, which is of course lies, because as the state takes more and more power, the lies become bigger and bigger until you have 911, when the lie is so huge it is no longer believable.  Christianity is not about getting to heaven, it is about building the state and once the state has all of the power it will inevitably turn on it’s people, because the state is parasitic, it does not create wealth, it exploits wealth.

“Then these Christians wish for the end, because nuclear war is a good way for them to solve their internal conflict, instead of facing reality of what they have created with their authority worship, they prefer death because it is an easier solution.  So I can see your point about hotness and life, by negating hotness you have also negated your existence.

“So here we are, the world is terminal, even post WW3, and the Christian community still can not face the reality that external authority is the death of self.  Funny ain’t it, I’m anarchist to my core yet I used to fly for the USAF!”

Lisa agreed, “Now I can see why I ended up with you, you get it while so many have no idea that authority is the enemy of self.  When I hear you talk it sounds like myself, like a match made in heaven!”

Perkins interjects, “Yeah I’ve been wondering about that, how did the ‘goddess’ know to send you to me?  There were 1.5 billion men on the planet when we first met, why me, and how me?”

“It was easy, it had to be you, you bombed the centers of religious power, you had to be the right one, you were the only person on the entire planet that saw the real problem, therefore your consciousness was the closest to goddess consciousness, and farthest from religious servitude.

“Thus when my fellow agent Amir in the Iranian F-14 flew up to your B-52, he also knew you were the one, and so did the USAF Skynet computer, thus you only got the fuel to go to where I was, the meeting was arranged by ‘higher’ minds.”  Lisa laughed.

“Amir is a fellow agent?” Perkins spins around and stares fiercely into her eyes.  He grabs her chin with his powerful hand so she can’t look away, he points the other finger at her “Tell me the truth and nothing but the truth, what agency do you work for?” he says in a raised determined voice.

Lisa stammers, “I work for … I don’t know.  I mean I think I work for the goddess, Amir is an Air Force pilot.”

Perkins lets go, “Yeah I figured he was USAF, they were there when we landed, they used Iranian marked jets as standard procedure to disavow any involvement.  Try to remember, it is important, now get on telling me why allegiance to authority kills hotness.”

“You scare me sometimes, honey.”  Lisa choked, her eyes welled up with tears.

Perkins, seeing that she caved to his male authority now took pity and wiped away her tears with his shirt sleeve and gave her a hug.  “Cowgirl up, we got to hoof it to camp before dark.”

They get to camp right at dark, walking the rest of the way in silence, Cowboy Perkins was pissed she hadn’t told him about the Air Force ploy.  His trust in her was waning.  She knew this and the entire way she looked down at the ground, she had screwed up and needed to fix their relationship.

Guns left markers that they picked up on the way in, Perkins gives him the markers for inventory, he asks, “Howzit, how’d it go boss?”

Perkins felt real ornery from the hike, “I feel like that mouse that fucks itself to death.”  Jeffries and the Gunner look at him slightly confused, then they slowly get it and start to laugh.

Lisa feels shamed, the men are talking about her, she wanders from the campfire into the darkening woods, Perkins follows, there was a mare that needed a whippin’ and she knew it.



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