Chapter 2 The Hotness of Life


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After Lisa demonstrated her incredible knowledge of metaphysics, the Gunner and Jeffries came down and asked them what was the holdup, they had been sitting there for over a half hour and they were anxious to get to the new camp area still three miles further.  It was early afternoon, about 1 P.M. a wag based on the sun angle, since no one had a time piece.  They decide to send the scouts with the deer meat to start preparing jerky, and Perkins and Lisa would arrive around dusk.

The sun was high and it was an incredible warm April day on a south western facing slope, they decided to have a picnic amongst boulders and Aspen trees.  The temperature had to be in the 70’s.  Lisa was unconcerned about keeping going, she wanted to be in the moment at that spot.  She told Perkins that at certain times of any day things would arrange themselves to produce a magical moment and that one should bath themselves in that energy while it lasted.

spring time aspens trail

That made sense to Perkins, what was the sense of hauling the heavy packs when the sun was shining bright, you would only sweat and exhaust one self, if they waited a few hours the temperature would have dropped and the heat of work would help warm them.

Lisa prepared the picnic area, she found the perfect spot, and laid out all 3 blankets, Perkins wondered why.  “Dear could you go over there while I change,”  she asked politely.  “No peeking.”

Perkins complied wondering what she was up to, it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her naked and she normally enjoy stripping for him, she was tease with her voluptuous body.

“Ok, I’m ready.”  She called him back.  Perkins stepped around the boulder to see Lisa fully clothed!  She had put on conservative dress she found in the ranchers shack.  It was checkered and buttoned all the way up to her neck, showing no cleavage as she usually did.

Perkins studies her for a moment, towering over her, his shadow covering her prone body.  “Ok … what are we doing babe?”  laughing, thinking this is getting ridiculous.

He was hot for her, all that talk about hotness had made his desires peak, now they were fading, she looking like an Amish girl, bonnet and all.

“I want you to make love to me.”  Lisa replied confused as to why he hadn’t started in on her.

Perkins sits down next to her hips and reaches over and pulls on the bonnet strap loosening its death grip on her chin, he is rapidly losing interest in this new conservative babe – she wasn’t hot at all.

hot or not comparison

Her hair didn’t look right to him, it was combed straight back and rolled up and under the bonnet.  She looked ten years older, she had no makeup on, her chest curves were barely visible, her breasts were squished under her ‘costume’ like a big bosomed farmer’s wife forming a big undifferentiated mound.

She had on the ugliest socks and only a small part of her legs were visible.  He wasn’t attracted to this.  Cowboy Perkins wasn’t cowboy up.

She could see that he needed help mounting her so she hikes up her skirt in a big heap exposing her full bloomers, he practically gagged.  “I’m wet, take me,” she begged.

“That’s alright, can I pass on this one?”

“No!”  Lisa was adamant that he mount her missionary style.

“Ok, if I must.”  Perkins takes off his clothes and pulls down her oversized panties, all he can see is her lower torso.  He is really not interested in this, he backs off, and sits to the side not looking at her.

“You’re not turning gay on me, are you?”  Lisa mocks him.

Perkins sits up ignoring her, what happened to my hot wife, he wonders.   She sits up and pulls him down then gets on top to ride her stallion.  She has to work to get him hard enough to enter.  Perkins closes his eyes hoping it is over quickly.  She comes in twenty seconds, he doesn’t.

“What is wrong with you?” she queries, as she pulls her bloomers back up and dress down.  She remakes her county girl look and then starts to lecture him on the hotness of life.  Perkins gets dressed and sits up with his back against one of the boulders lining their picnic spot.

“Why were you not interested in me?  I will tell you why.  You are a hot stud and you can only be with hot women.  Your incredibly muscular and toned body only wants to couple with its equal, the fit hot woman.  You are not interested in plain Jane, you do not desire the Amish woman, you can not get up for a conservative farmer’s wife.

You need proper visual brain stimulation to get excited about sex, and for you sex has to be hot.  There is a hotness to life, when you are hot, you desire hot, and just like with any specie there is a selection process of pairing up mates based on hotness.  Nature has created a brain circuit that selects based on hotness.


“We animals get into heat when mating.”  Lisa now disrobing and starts remaking her hotness right in front of Perkins as he sits there warming himself in the sun.

Earlier, Lisa had made the argument that having hot sex is the ability to not just have intercourse, it is the ability to have the highest level sex because it takes the highest amount of energy to have hot sex.  Hotness was the affirmation of life and fucking good, she concluded that what was the point of fucking if it wasn’t hot.

“Have you seen rutting bulls?   I mean bull elk in the rut?”  Lisa states as she pulls out of her pack sexy garters and stockings.

“Yes, on TV,”

“Why do we say an animal goes into heat?  Why do we say that woman is a hottie?  Why do we associate the word hot with animal and human mating?  Lisa asks clipping her black bra back on.

Perkins replies, “I don’t know.”

The mating signal for the human male is primarily visual, primates mate on visual signals.  When humans began to walk upright the vulva was no longer exposed for the male to receive visual signals, the vagina in estrus turns a darker shade of red, was no longer exposed.

Lisa gives him her vanity mirror to hold while she puts on dark red lipstick.  “Lipstick is red because it represents the female vulva in heat.   Why isn’t lipstick green or blue?  It is red because humans evolved and choose to stimulate the brain for sex using the mouth lips as a metaphor for pussy lips.  Red lipstick represents hot pussy.”

She bends over in front of him so that her ass is directly in front of his face, and squeezes her gluteus maximus muscles then turns around and squeezes her breasts together pushing her cleavage together with her hands so it forms the same exact image as her ass.  Humans walking upright required an evolutionary change in behavior, so the brain compensated by having females wear red lipstick, grow larger breasts that mimicked the ass.

“Do you see now why you like tits and ass?  They are the same shape in your brain.  Women wear bras to keep their breasts in the original shape, the same shape as their ass and the ass maintains its youthful shape longer because those muscles are used more often.  Did you know that Nature made your penis longer so that it penetrate deeper because of this new upright posture?”  She says raising her eyebrows expressing her interest in large penis.

Lisa has Perkins hold the mirror again as she brushes her eyebrows and lashes dark black.  “Now why do you think I am brushing my eye lashes?  Why do you like it when my eye lashes and eye brows are thick and curvy?”

Perkins answers, “Because it stimulates my brain?”

“Yes, but what metaphor do eye lashes represent?”

Perkins shrugs his shoulders.  Lisa peels back her panties exposing her neatly shaved bush.  “Oh, I get it, your eye lashes represent the pubic hairs.”

“Exactly.  You wouldn’t want the two to be mismatched when you bone some hot chick would you?  The two must be two of a kind, similar, because in your brain, the circuit requires and when a woman makes up her face it must match her bottom, puffy lips and all.”  She laughs smiling at her cowboy stud, batting her eyelashes at him, provoking a male response of increased horniness.

“Are you getting hot for me again?”  She crawls into his lap, and now I must change my personality from teacher to sex kitten so you fully understand what makes you hot for me.

Lisa now goes into full kitten mode, feminine, pleading, passive.  She pushes herself up against him pressing her body into his, like a kitten crawling on your lap padding for a place to lay.  To be fully hot is not just visual, it is also behavior including the mental state of the participants.

As Lisa changes her energy into receptivity, pure feminine wantingness.  Perkins now fully desires her, she now is exploding in a brain like the bombshell she is.  He lifts her up and places her on the blankets and takes her in all the hot positions that makes him love really, really, really hot sex.

She does whatever he wants, she lets the man be the man and take her however his lust directs.  He has the hottest orgasm ever and falls to the side completely exhausted like a rabbit that just got done humping.

After a few minutes of calm, the breathing rates slow and Lisa is first to speak, “That was really hot, we should do that more!”

“Agreed.”  Say Diesel Perkins, he now feels like a bull elk, alpha stud, he can feel that his neck has expanded.  He had even grunted like a bull during intercourse, Lisa was so excellent at making him hot for her that he had become more animal like in the mating act.  Lisa was so fucking hot he almost left his brain during orgasm, he thought his eyes would pop out of his skull.  She was to be reckoned with, he had met his match, no woman was doing this him like she was.

“Do you know that what we just did is prohibited in many places?”  She pauses to let that sink in, because now she is back teaching the revolutionary leader.

“What would you think of living in Idaho where any sex outside of the missionary position was criminalized.”

Perkins responds, “Ok you’re going to tell me this revolution is also about making hot sex legal.   What is wrong with Idaho, don’t they like sex?”

“Yes,”  she says matter-of-factly.  “The conservative Christian culture up there is against hotness.  Hotness is life, we must discuss hotness more and more and why it is important in a free society, and why religions have demonized sex outside of marriage.”

Have you heard the expression, ‘No rest for the wicked?'”  She asked.

“Of course,”  Perkins replies.

“What does that really mean?  Christians use that expression for people who engage in hot sex.  It is derogatory for fit people who are striving for greater fitness and better sex.  Sex is bad, and hot sex is for wicked people so says the preacher who watches porn – which is of course – a visual media that displays hot sex.

“To be hot you must be fit, and to be fit you must constantly strive and exercise.  Do animals every take a break from fitness?  They can not, they must always strive in order to survive, likewise humans that are hot are always striving.  Humans are completely wired for hot sex, the preachers are completely wrong as always.

“What is the point in fucking if it isn’t hot?”  Lisa concludes again.  “Do you know what we should do?”

Perkins looks at her, “Fuck more?”

“Yes, this summer we should fuck all across Idaho and change the vibe of that horrible Mormon infested state.”

“Agreed, … lets move out.”  Perkins orders, not wanting to hear about those Mormon fuckers.

“Roger,” she gives him a mock salute then a wet kiss.

Perkins looks at her nimble come fuck me bod and wonders if Idaho is ready for liberation by the way of the goddess.

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