Chapter 1 Lisa Speaks Her Truth



Captain Perkins is a very happy man, he is getting along famously with Lisa, his new bride, Jeffries is rapidly transforming into a healthy adult male, and his Gunner just bagged a mule deer buck.  They now are getting full on red deer meat lightly cooked, and the coffee is on.  They need to keep moving, so they pack up and leave, going slowly northwest deeper into the Colorado Rockies.

aphrodite goddess of love cropped

Lisa has had some sort of mind control training, she says she was assigned to him, and is protecting him, he believes that now, because she demonstrated ability to get in the mind of the buck and bring to the Gunner for harvesting.  He is sure curious to finding out she can do that.  He first asks her which route they should take, she tells him it doesn’t matter, he should go wherever he likes and she will take care of the rest.

As they follow the contour lines, the other two males are now ranging ahead, Jeffries is being trained by the Gunner in the art of scouting.  Very, very good thinks Perkins, teacher student situation is a very productive way to make the day pass.  He decides that today he will be the student with Lisa, she can teach him the art of getting a deer to offer itself to a hunter.

She claims she brought the deer toward the camp as an offering, then later she fetched a bottle of wine via her surrogate Jeffries.  Perkins is interested to find out how she does this or if it is a trick.  If she is playing mind games with him that would be a problem, because if she is loyal to him then she wouldn’t.

“Looks like we have most of the day to ourselves, so … tell me about the mind, tell me about mind control and how you control animals, if you please.”

Lisa – “It’s easy, you tell the animal to do what you want.”  She pauses knowing that won’t satisfy his curiosity.  “Have you’ve ever had the experience where some random person tells you something that you need to hear?”

“Sure, go on.”  – Perkins

“Well it works like this, you are controlling that person with your thoughts – but you don’t know it and neither does the other person.”  Thoughts aren’t only in your head, they are everywhere, they just seem like they are in your head because you only think you are the one having them.

“But when you are having a thought about something, perhaps it is coming from some other person, the thoughts that keep popping in your head, the never ending mind chatter is not only your thoughts, other thoughts are in there as well, you just don’t know that because you only know your thoughts.

“So lets say your subconscious wants you to get a message but you aren’t listening, it can trigger those thoughts in a person near you, and if they vocalize those thoughts, you think that person somehow magically is attuned to your own internal conversation.  What you don’t realize is that you sent those thoughts to that person, it was your subconscious, it can do that but your conscious awareness doesn’t realize it.

“We are all doing this all of the time, so it has been hard for anyone to figure out this works, so we now have a new science of synchronicities, the study of this phenomenon.  Synchronicities or serendipitous events are the ones you notice, most of the time you don’t notice any, but they are always there all of the time, but it is such a complex pattern no one understands how it works.

“We are constantly having conscious conversation all of the time, we don’t know that there is a subconscious channel doing the same thing.  We make agreements with one another in this space, we might arrange to meet a lover this way.  We might be told when someone dies, or invite a new soul to enter the body of one of upcoming children.

“We think our thoughts are only in our heads, but this not the way it really is.  Nature is a symphony of communication, and thus not all Natural Selection is the way Science perceives, perhaps animals decide at this level who breeds with who.  We don’t know how the mind works in the process of Natural Selection yet.

“Now once you understand that the mind is everywhere, then to get the deer to come to you is easy, you just ask it, or rather it’s spirit-mind.  Your mind asks it if you can have that body.  The spirit will usually agree, and then it’s mind gives brings it’s body to you.  If you practice and get good at begging and pleading the deer spirit, eventually you will get to the point of issuing commands, you simply command the deer, via your mind, to come as if you are calling a dog.

“There is really no difference, because you have the higher mind and the lower mind will comply,”  She sighs, we should take a break, that exhausted me.”

“Wow! That was quite the explanation,”  he motions toward a sunny warm looking rock outcropping about 20 yards away, he signals the Gunner a rest stop.  The other two males position themselves about 50 yards north slightly up hill, as lookouts.  There is poplars and pines interspersed in the boulders, they feel safe.

He helps her sit down across from him, she gives him a peck of a kiss, “Now tell me how you protect us from intruders,”asks Perkins completely fascinated by Lisa.

“Well … it is same as calling the deer, I tell ‘it’ to go away.  That person will comply because I have the higher mind or in the case of a human aggressor, I have the higher vibration.  The rule is very simple, whoever has the higher vibration dominates the mind space.”

“Likewise the Goddess spirit-mind can command me or you because it is higher than us, but normally it doesn’t interfere.  The rule here is also very simple, as you move up the vibration ladder, you interfere less and less.  Likewise to get into a higher vibration you have to control less and less, control is based on fear and is of low vibration.”

Lisa continues, “In the case of you and me, I was assigned to you by her.  She looked around with her mind and found a noble soul in you, high integrity as you call it, and she put me in your path.  To keep us together, she arranged a marriage for us, all the while you thought it was your idea.  You voluntarily complied because you assumed that every thought was your own.

“This is happening all of the time, the ancients invented gods to describe what the intuited must be going on, but it is only ‘mind works’.  The Native Americans called it the Great Spirit, but you could also call it the Greater Mind.  Since men do the thinking usually, they called it Father God, but that is only a prejudicial label.  It has neither sex, they don’t have sex in the god realm which is why they are so damn jealous of us.”

Great Spirit

Perkins waves his hand in a time out signal, “Whoa, girlie, you are saying the gods are jealous of us, they are not even real!”

Lisa is pointedly direct – “Let me explain “the gods’.”  She does the quotations with her fingers.  “The priests create the ‘god’ with myth, they imagine and write about god that suits their purposes, creating a god mythos.

“Those priests that tap this realm can not stand their celibacy.  The masses fuck with abandon, so they called it fornication as a derogatory label and prohibit lustful sex.  But Nature created lustful sex, so it can not be bad, the specie is propelled forward by this intense energy.  The gods never cared what we did, they never cared about our ceaseless fucking, it was only the priest.  The priest creates myth and this mythos becomes the template for the god mind you experience.

“The god we have is the god we invent, if we imagine an evil god, like Yahweh, then we experience that template, no different from loading a program on your computer.  The Universe is just like a computer, it matches your thoughts and intentions with real life circumstances, and the ‘god mythos’ is the program running the machine.

“The gods are not real if you forget about them, they are literally figments of your imagination, if you deny god then it goes away.  If you deny Yahweh, then the power of Yahweh, which is the evil power of coercion, is no longer valid for you.  That god can not, is not allowed to interfere in your life.

“But the Jewish priest, these casts of priests called Rabbis, are particularly evil, they want to control, so they insist that Yahweh is real.   They use their control of money to hire tens of thousands of priests to preach the reality of Yahweh, until Yahweh or Jehovah or God is considered real by the sheeple mind, then Yahweh is real and the priest has control.  Yahweh is a template of Jewish control.  The result of this control is your present world.

“So to control us, they must control the intense energy behind copulation and lustful sex, the demonize the act of fucking and call it fornication, they change the language so that fucking is no longer hot.  They even created a story where their savior god, Jesus, didn’t come from human fucking, Jesus was born a virgin.  No one understands how evil that is, the perfect man, a.k.a. Jesus, born a virgin is demeaning sexual intercourse.

“The priest was jealous, not god.  The priest, nerd, or studious intellectual is jealous of real men who are fit, who are hot, who get to fuck.  The priest is unable to attract females like a man with muscles, so the priest uses his intellect to turn things to his advantage.  Judeo-Christianity is a religion for nerds, it teaches passivity, it demeans the physical body, it denigrates the sex act, it is a program that has led your specie to near extinction.

“According to this religion, God did not come by hotness, God came by the holy spirit impregnating a virgin who is also god, so in a sense this crazy theology is saying Jesus got his own mother pregnant.  Of course, none of this is real, no person ever comes into this realm except by fucking.  Fucking is what is holy, not the myth.”


Perkins makes the time out signal, to stop her thought train.  “You are saying fucking is holy?”  He laughs, “I always thought that, explain that!”

“Do you find me hot, do you want to fuck me?”  “That is holy, the lustful thought is pure holiness.”

Perkins eyebrows stand up “Go on.”

Lisa – “Fucking is one of the most holy things you can do, it is the affirmation of the lifeforce – which is the real god in the hologram.  When you fuck you affirm god.

“Think of it this way, life is holy, anything that affirms life is holy.  Childbirth is holy, growing up is holy, being healthy is holy, exercise is holy, getting strong is holy, being horny is holy, having lustful thoughts is holy, and the cumulation of all that energy that gets you to do it is also holy.  Fucking is the last thing you do in the process of being holy.  That is the way it is, that is the way Nature made it when sexually reproduction was invented.

“So how could sex be bad?  Sex is, sex is the way it is with our reproduction, it can not be bad.  The priest had to labor hard to make sex bad in order to get in control of you.  If the priest can control the woman with his philosophy, so he controls the man.  The priest got control of the man via the woman, and he did it by getting the woman to abstain, holding her virginity as holiness.  Now the man had to beg the priest to get pussy.

“The priest inverted that and made it dirty, the priest made you ashamed of your body, the priest flipped holy on its head and made death holy, they made abstention from sex holy and they did it for a reason, to capture that sexual energy for their cult.  The Rabbinic priests are a nest of bloodsucking vipers, literally.

“The only purpose of the priest is to be the teacher, but in this hell realm, the Rabbinic priest is the deceiver.  The Rabbinic class are a tribe of demons turning reality upside down, teaching so-called truths that are the polar opposite of reality.  The Bible is not holy, it destroys holy, in fact the purpose of the Bible is to do that.  The Bible is a collection of Rabbinic philosophy meant to destroy life.

“This entire culture, from which we are fleeing, was created on the inversion of sexual energy from good to bad.  Being alive is bad, god hates you, he will judge you, he cast you out of paradise, he made you ashamed, you are a sinner, you are eternally separated from god, you must confess you lust to the priest, you must not have lustful sex, or pre-marriage sex, you shouldn’t celebrate your body, or be healthy or do anything that is really holy.

According to the Rabbi or priest, hell awaits the non-believer, if you don’t believe this fear porn, then you get tortured in hell for all eternity – but you are required to love this god that would do this.  That is one hell of a perversion and it is the most harmful philosophy ever invented.”

Perkins injects, “Yes I just realized the other day that Christianity was worshipping Jewish judgment as the good.”

Lisa  -“Yes, … that is correct.”

“What does the word holy mean to you?  Holy is really ‘w-holy’  or whole, when you are healthy you are wholly or whole.  I am goddess and I am here to restore holy, and sex is holy which is why I have a hottest body of any woman on this planet.  Having hot sex is the ability to not just have intercourse, it is the ability to have the highest level sex because it takes the highest amount of energy to have hot sex.”

Perkins is stunned and amazed by his new bride Lisa.  “So what you are really saying is that this revolution is about making sex holy again?”

“Yes, sex is holy, it is the holiest thing you can do because it is the life force in action.  Nature invented sex as the way higher lifeforms reproduce, we humans call the sex act fucking.  Fucking is not a bad word, it is a word that best describes sex.  Fucking is holy, and those priests who say otherwise are wrong.  This revolution will restore breathing as the good, the human body as the good, life as good, and fucking as the affirmation of life, and hotness as the highest achievement.

“What is the point in fucking if it isn’t hot?”  Lisa concludes.




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